Watch the First Publicly Aired Video from Google’s Project Glass

Google’s Project Glass has been getting quite a bit of buzz lately even though it is still in its “project” phase. We have already seen a few Google execs wearing the glasses (or would it be glass?) in public and a few have even posted example photos on Google+. Speaking of posting on Google+, the company also recently posted a short 15 second sample video showing us what 720p video looks like when recorded via the wearable tech. We have included the video after the break for your viewing pleasure and as you will see the quality is pretty damn good.

In other Project Glass news, Google continues to publicly field test the device and recently supplied the eye-wear to select lucky employees during an event dubbed “Google Glass Walk.” You can see one of the images taken from the event posted above and you can also view the entire album through the Google+ link below.

We still have no idea when theses AR glasses will become available to the public but we are hoping to hear more the week of July 27th during Google I/O. It is expected that a pair of these glasses will run about the same price as a current smartphone.  Is the current hype enough for you to consider buying a pair of these, or do you still need more convincing? Let us know in the comments.
source: Google+
via: The Verge

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  • SebaKL

    Am I the only one, slightly disappointed with the video ? 

    • Benjamin Pavel

      This is still a project in a work so these glasses will get better like Android phones does with each month and year. =)

      • SebaKL

        understand…. but still…. I was expecting more of Man In Black 3  technology. that kind of video I get put attaching GoPro to my head :)

    • Stacy Bruce

      I also thought the same thing until I set the YouTube resolution to HD 720p. After I did that the quality was vastly improved! Amazing how good it looks for such a tiny unit.