Hands on with iOnRoad, Turn your smartphone into a your personal driving assistant

I sat down with the folks at iOnRoad this morning at CTIA. They have a really unique app for your car, and they say it’s your personal driving assistant. When it comes to driving, safety is the most important aspect so why not use your smartphone to help you out? With iOnRoad you will get:

Mount your device and iOnRoad will recognize traffic ahead and warn of potential collisions. iOnRoad warns you of collisions with audio and visual alerts, even when running in the background!

Use your cam to monitor your headway distance for ongoing feedback in a HUD-like display.

LANE DEPARTURE WARNINGS (free for a limited time!)
Receive an audiovisual warning in case you are departing off the highway road (over 60 km/h). This can be a true life saver if you are swerving, drowsy or otherwise distracted.

ULTIMATE CAR LOCATOR – for premium version
The BEST car locator. AUTOMATICALLY detects you are parked and takes a snapshot of your parking spot. Later it will guide you to your car using the GPS and the snapshot to guide you indoor as well.

The application itself also has a very nice and easy interface, which gives you easy access to maps and music. You can also customize it so for example, if you want the music choice to open Slacker, it will do that. You can even set it so that iOnRoad opens automatically when your phone is inserted into its mount. If that’s not enough, how about the fact that it can read your text messages. Last but not leastĀ iOnRoad is a finalist for best driving app at CTIA this year.

iOnRoad is free, but if you want some more features like the Ultimate Car Locator, you can get the premium version which costs $4.99. The paid version also allows you to disable ads.

Check out the video below and then give it a try via one of the download links below

YouTube Preview Image

Play Store Download Link – Free


Play Store Download Link – Premium

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  • Oliver Fels

    Though being a brilliant concept iOnRoad obviously has just started to include push-ads in its latest update for the free version. Those ads are being pushed in the Android status bars. This is a no-go for me and many others as the Google Play ratings indicate.