Google X Founder Wears Project Glass During Interview And Takes Picture With Head Gesture

In an interview with Charlie Rose, Google X founder and researcher Sebastian Thrun extolled the virtues of artificial intelligence, higher education, and self-driving cars. A researcher on Project Glass, Google’s wearable augmented reality heads-up display, Thrun said that “the hope [of the project] is to really get things out of your life, not into your life”.

When asked what the glasses could do,¬†Thrun seemed to make a subtle gesture with his head and said he snapped a picture and shared it on Google+. The image he took, seen below, was indeed seen on his Google+ page with the comment “I took this picture during the interview“. His goal is for Project Glass to facilitate interaction between people, citing how “other people can now see through my eyes“.

The interview goes on to talk about Google’s self-driving car, which Thrun worked on, as well as his online university named Udacity. The entire video is a fascinating exploration of the mind of a technological visionary, and I highly recommend watching the whole 19 minutes, but if you’re just interested in the Project Glass discussion, it starts about thirty seconds in. Click the source link to see the video.

source: charlierose

  • Ptmajewski

    this project is far more fetched that social network.
    Imagine police wearing those glasses connected to a database of offenders or terrorists. incorporating face recognition the faces of suspects would pop out immediately from the crowd:)
    Army could make use of it as well for soldiers.
    It opens lot of possibilities as well as can of worms.

  • Fred

    Not everything is perfect:
    “Doctor, I have this nasty twitch that takes photos and uploads them to Google+.”

  • chilimac02

    AR glasses being worn full-time would certainly create a stir. There are a lot of ethical questions about what one can/should do. You’re in a coffee shop and look at someone, then an app displays their stats (whatever stats you want…). Or the police thing as mentioned below. Then there would be Virtual Graffiti everywhere too. I get sick of the amount of signage everywhere, but it would be worse and possibly even individually targeted with AR glasses.¬†