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Check Out This Awesome Metro UI Theme for All ICS and Honeycomb Tablets

Now here’s a cool one for you tablet users that like to tweak the appearance of your UI! XDA member BroBot175 has created a Metro UI theme for all tablets running Honeycomb or ICS! The theme is a fully functioning replica of Windows 8 that allows you to create your own tiles, and organize them however you want.

I flashed this theme over a week ago on my Galaxy Tab when the project was in its infancy and now its gotten polished enough for daily use. BroBot175 has even recently added support all ICS and Honeycomb tablets because he was getting so many requests for added support. Just like any other theme you simply flash in ClockworkMod Recovery and will then have to transfer over the tile images to get started. Set-up can take a while because you have to plot out every single tile using Desktop Visualizer widgets but if you follow the devs step by step instructions you should have no problems at all. So for those of you who like to customize the look of your device and want something completely different than the ICS or Honeycomb layout, you really should check this theme out! Hit the source link below to get started.

source: XDA

  • gorkon

    This is not cool.  In fact, I don’t see the point in this.  It makes ICS look ugly.

    • Stacy Bruce

      You are very much entitled to your own opinion but as for myself, I dig it! I’s a fun change for a while.

      • nory826

        I also really like it too ! Wish I could use it on my galaxy nexus.

    • Nudo

      I actually thought this was a Windows 7 Tab for a second there…

  • Izdanny Danno

    The windows 8 UI is so amazing, sleek, and looks really fun, i will definatly go with a windows 8 tablet over any ipad or android device :-P

  • Guest

    How about we get this as a stand alone launcher too so we don’t all have to worry about flashing and those of us who like the homescreen but still want honeycomb/ICS system bar can keep it.

  • recompile

    The Metro UI is pretty polarizing — you either love it or hate it.  I think it’s great, and certainly innovative.  (I don’t like how Microsoft is locking down Metro apps, but I hope that pressure from developers and users will put a quick end to that.)

    I still, however, prefer the UI on the PlayBook to Metro, iOS, or any of the Android variants.

  • Joe_aleman

    Here is my question, do you think based on comments and if people are actually using this theme that the Windows Mobile a more attractive platform vs. Android?  Or is it just something cool to do?

    • Hennings

      Some people may feel that Metro is more attractive… but I think on the whole, Android users are more likely to be tinkerers.  They like to modify their devices because it’s fun.  Those that think it’s an attractive interface will keep it around for a while.  Everyone else will drop it in favor of the next new thing to flash.

  • IGnatius T Foobar

    Great, just what we need: a skin that makes the best mobile OS around look like a clone of the worst one.  BRAIN DAMAGE!!!