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Twitter has been a social media icon for several years now, and its popularity has yet to die down. Really, Twitter hasn’t changed a whole lot over the years, but what has changed are the app extensions that will work right with your account to expand upon Twitter’s awesome, yet minimal features.

Today we’re bringing you 6 of the best apps for Android users that will enhance your Twitter experience. From extending the character limit to condensing your feed and keeping better track of your direct messages, these apps have an endless array of features that will help simplify and amplify your time on Twitter.


Your classic Twitter app and then some, Fenix is the Twitter account you know and love, with a twist. Fenix makes it easy to browse the tweets you want to see and get rid of the ones you don’t. Sleek and extremely efficient, you’ll never want your old Twitter app back. If you’re looking for a change, believe me, Fenix is for you.

In Fenix, performing Twitter actions is a cinch. If you’re wanting to share, tweet, or copy something, just hold your finger on the screen for those actions to pop up. And if you want to change app sections, get rid of a tweet, or make a new one, all you have to do is swipe. Customizable, you can also hide as many functions as you want. Not into direct messaging? No problem, you can get rid of that. And anything else that you’re not interested in either.

Download it now: Google Play


More mechanical in nature, Hootsuite will help you get any and every Twitter job done. Whether you’re setting a goal to tweet from your business account a certain amount of times each week, or you work for a corporate company as their social media manager, Hootsuite is a fantastic way to keep up with posting.

With Hootsuite, you’ll be able to write as many tweets as you want in one sitting, and then you can schedule them to post at specific times during the week, across one account or multiple. You can manually do that, or have Hootsuite set them to automatically upload at the time of day with the most traffic. Some of the other features include link shortening and choosing from optional notifications to get the most out of your Twitter experience. Fantastic for individuals and businesses alike, you’ll never have to worry about keeping up with your Twitter posting again.

Download it now: Google Play


Echofon gives you a new way to view your Twitter feed. If you’re looking to mix things up, Echofon will be a breath of fresh air. Instead of just thumbing through your feed (which you can certainly do if you want to), you can scroll and swipe from section to section. You’ll also get small, full image previews right within your feed without having to open anything if it doesn’t interest you.

The cool thing about Echofon is that your conversations stay together. If you’re in the middle of a tweet conversation with someone, it’ll all stay together so you can check back on it later at any time. Another pretty awesome feature is the widget options. Instead of even having to open the app to check out what’s new on Twitter, you can place a widget right on your home screen for easy access at any time.

Download it now: Google Play


If you’re into customization and creating things all your own, Tweetings may be the next best Twitter app for you. With 36 different design themes to choose from, your options are pretty much endless. You can go for sleek or fun, light or dark, and see people’s tweets in your feed in a different way. There’s chat heads for direct messages, you’ll be able to search your timeline, and customize your navigation, on top of a ton of other awesome features.

In Tweetings, you can also create lists for the people you follow. That way, if you’re only particularly interested in seeing specific people’s tweets at one time, you can put them into a list and view that feed instead of your classic timeline, which has the tweets from everyone you follow. This will not only condense your tweets for easier viewing, but it’ll also cut back on having to scroll through everything just to view tweets from your select favorites.

Download it now: Google Play


With the Finch for Twitter app, you’ll have access to both light and dark themes, and all of the amazing features that come with your classic Twitter app. Finch is a great app to download especially if you have multiple Twitter accounts. From Finch, you’ll be able to keep everything separated and organized just the way you like it.

Ever get tired of that character limit on Twitter when you’ve just got something to say? Well with Finch, there may just be a way around that, where you can post tweets that are far longer than usual. Another great feature is that you can hide tweets from your feed, with a special built-in filter from Finch.

Download it now: Google Play


The perfect mixture of eye catching and efficient, Flamingo has a simple, modern design that differs just slightly from the original Twitter app, which is just enough for some added interest without changing so much that you have to relearn how to use the app. However, if you decide that you’d like to change a couple more things, you’ll find that Flamingo is completely customizable.

Another neat feature in Flamingo is how quickly you can check out a photo or video. Just by merely holding the image or video, it’ll pop up for you to view, without losing where you were in the feed. While Flamingo is more design focused, it’s a great app if you’re looking simply change your usual Twitter look.

Download it now: Google Play


Whether you’re looking to streamline your Twitter business account, or you’re just wanting to switch things up for yourself, these are some pretty awesome options, and we hope you found an app on this list that fits the bill for you.

About the Author: Brad Ward

Brad is a tech enthusiast, writing and tinkering with all things technology since 2011. He currently bounces between the LG G3 and his beloved Moto X! His interests include reading, entrepreneurship, the gym, and of course, queso.

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