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If you’ve ever accidentally exceeded your data limit in any given month, then you know what a pain it is to pay those astronomical “overtime” fees. Especially if you try to be mindful of your data usage, and still exceed it each month, we recommend you hold on for one more month before increasing your data plan package.

Why? Well, we may just have the solution to your problem. If you are having a hard time figuring out where all of your data is possibly going, it might be good to look at your stats. That’s why we’ve put together this list our top 6 picks for data usage monitors. These monitors will help you track exactly what’s happening to your data, and some will even recommend apps for you to get rid of because they’re sitting idly, but still hogging your allotted data each month.

Data Monitor by KPGsofts

Colorful but organized, Data Monitor displays all of your data usage in one place. Whether you’re wanting to track your wifi usage or how much you used from your actual data plan, you can’t go wrong with this one. You can even look back and see your history, or choose a certain date you want to start at and end at.

Data Monitor colorfully displays where your highest data usage came from in a graph with percentages, and then lists each of those items below, with the exact amount used. This way, you can easily adjust next month if you want to, or check out why certain apps are pulling so much data. Extremely handy, Data Monitor by KPGsofts is a great app to see your data usage at a glance.

Download it now: Google Play

Data Status

Very customizable, Data Status is an app that will allow you to monitor your data usage in style. Data Status not only has a widget, but you can completely make it your own by choosing from several different colors and styles. This way, you can keep up with your data without even opening the app.

When you download Data Status, the app will want to know what the pay period is for your data plan so it can track your data usage right to the day. You can compare your usage to past months, get a usage prediction for the current month, and so on. You’ll also get a very handy thumbs-down if you’re not doing great at spreading out your usage, or a thumbs-up if you’re doing well.

Download it now: Google Play

Cisco Data Meter

More than a mere data monitoring app, Cisco Data Meter will also help you locate the fastest local wi-fi. Each month (or whenever your pay period is), Cisco Data Meter will keep track of how much data you use, what you use it on, and what your projected usage for the month is, but again, there’s a ton more awesome features.

With this app, you’ll be able to do Wi-Fi and hotspot speed tests. And if you’re not sure about why your data usage looks the way it does, you can compare it with other people’s data usage from around the world. The best part? Even though Cisco Data Meter has several different features, it’s extremely easy to set up and navigate.

Download it now: Google Play

Onavo Count

A really fun and intuitive app, Onavo Count will teach you about your data. It’ll show you how it  works, and how you specifically use yours on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Onavo Count will also measure your data usage against others so you can see exactly what’s different. If you like to learn how things work, we definitely recommend Onavo Count!

Not only that, but Onavo Count will also notify you about your data on a regular basis. If you’re getting close to exceeding your limit, the app will tell you to be careful with your data. But if you’re getting to the end of the month and you have plenty of data left, it’ll tell you to to have some fun and use it on your favorite apps.

Download it now: Google Play

Mobile Manager

One of those apps that combines just about everything into one, Mobile Manager is one of the best mobile dashboards you can get. Data monitoring is just one of the many things you can do with it, because you can also monitor your storage, memory, and security. Even that, though, is not the end of this awesome app.

Mobile Manager will identify apps that you don’t frequently use, and show you how much more space can be freed up for usage without them. You can also utilize the auto start manager, boost, and power saver to utilize your battery wisely and get the most out of your charge.

Download it now: Google Play

Data Usage Monitor by AndCreate

AndCreate’s data monitor app will allow you to check your data usage just by opening the app, without having to click on extra things to find it. Extremely accurate, this data monitoring app will keep up with everything, wherever you are. So even if your location and time zone might change, you’ll know how much extra data you’re using and whatnot.

Another great feature that’s available for this one is a premium version. If you find that you love the different statistics and facts that AndCreate’s data monitoring app shows you, you have the option to purchase the premium version, where you’ll even get access to a homescreen widget for even quicker stats.

Download it now: Google Play


Whether you’re just curious about your data and how it works, or you’re really perturbed that you use so much data each month, any one of these apps are sure to help you see what’s going on and if you can do anything to fix it. Some are simpler, some are a little more complex, but they’re all pretty fantastic. So before you go ahead and up your plan, try one of these out, adjust your usage accordingly, and you made find yourself saving on data!

About the Author: Brad Ward

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