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Phones and cameras being two separate things officially became a thing of the past when smartphones entered the world, but unfortunately for a lot of smartphones, their generic cameras could definitely use a little improvement.

In this list, we’re showing you seven of our favorite camera apps, and there’s something for everyone here. If you’re looking for something social-media based, a detailed camera enhancer (or a not-so-detailed one), or maybe something that’s lightning-fast to capture those rare moments, we’ve got you covered.



It may be the photo app we’ve all known and loved for years, but this year, some major changes came to the Instagram app, and it’s better than ever before. Not only did they introduce an entirely new, relevant logo and UI this year, but they’ve also introduced Instagram Stories.

If you’re anything like me, Stories may be a new term for you. If you’ve never broken down and boarded the Snapchat train, Stories are essentially an unedited picture or short video clip you take through the app (in this case, Instagram) that only lasts for 24 hours before it disappears. Conveniently located at the top of your Instagram feed, you can now see what all of your friends, family, favorite creators and celebrities are doing throughout the day, or record what you’re doing so all of your followers can see.

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Open Camera


The Open Camera app has everything you could ever want in a camera. For those with a creative eye and a knack for phone photography, most phone cameras may seem to be extremely lacking in the “features” department, which is exactly why we’d recommend trying out Open Camera sooner rather than later.

The Open Camera app’s features are endless. Take a photo simply by saying “cheese” or using the timer, play around with the ISO, exposure, colors, different focuses, and more. If you’re going for the perfect picture rather than a “just passing by” photo, turn on the grid. Want to catalog your pictures? That’s no problem either; you can easily add the date and location, or turn on the GPS features to do it for you.

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Camera Zoom FX


Camera Zoom FX is an Android camera enhancer that will change the way your photos turn out, for the better! We recommend the Camera Zoom FX app to anyone who loves “for-fun” photography but isn’t quite ready to take the plunge and make a commitment to flow-blown DSLR. With so many DSLR features, this app will help you to familiarize yourself with common DSLR settings, without the price tag.

That’s not all though. To get specific, Camera Zoom FX will also help you to better organize your photos on your phone by utilizing folders. Other features include Stable Shot, Spy/Incognito camera, hilarious photo props (such as the Queen of England and celebrities), collages, and similar to Open Camera, even voice activation.

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Retrica is a unique photo app that will allow you to take a photo or video with a filter, rather than simply choosing one when you’re finished. The app currently has 125 different filters to choose from, or you can select “random” for a surprise every time. Wanting to rep the brand? No problem, the “stamp” feature is conveniently located on the top right of the screen.

But Retrica isn’t only good for utilizing and choosing from a ton of different filters. What’s really unique about the app is that you can convert just about any video you take into a GIF to share with your friends, or with the world. If you want to try your hand at creating hilarious GIFs, download Retrica. And if you happen to become the next viral internet sensation, be sure to let us know!

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HD Camera Ultra


HD Camera Ultra is another camera enhancer, rather than technically being it’s own “app” per se, similar to Camera Zoom FX and Open Camera, but a little more simplistic to use. With fewer features, HD Camera Ultra is an amazing app for people who want to take quality photos without jumping through hoops and learning about a bunch of new settings when they only want to use a couple of them, not 50.

If that’s you, and you tend to feel a little overwhelmed with all of the options out there, no worries! HD Camera Ultra is seriously easy to navigate, and even though the app only has a few select features, they’re definitely worthwhile. Being able to adjust things like exposure, adding photo effects, and different focus options go a long way towards quality, professional photos without all of the hassle.

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A Better Camera


The name is self-explanatory, especially since the app lives up to it. With the A Better Camera app, you’ll get exactly that: a better camera. Not only is the design fantastic looking, but it’s also functional and it won’t take too long to figure out. You’ll be able to take amazing photos with the A Better Camera app any time of day or night with no limitations, and one of the best parts? You can easily remove something from the photo you took that looks out of place, such as a pesky water bottle, or maybe a plane hindering that perfect cloud shot.

Other features include panorama, timer, ISO, timestamp, time lapses, recording, a variety of focuses, and more. As you can probably tell, the amount of features are over the top, and will be sure to beat and go beyond any photo-critic’s expectations.

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Moto Camera


The sheer quality of Moto Camera is something to behold. With this app, Motorola has really outdone themselves in creating something that is fully functional for their users. Whether you’re trying to get the perfect picture of the Grand Canyon or your kids running around at the park, Moto Camera enables you to never miss another moment, especially with being able to launch it with a simple twist of your wrist.

You can take any kind of photo or video with Moto Camera. Slow motion video or easy panorama, and you have the option to take a “professional photo,” which will unlock a bunch of “professional” settings such as focus, white balance, exposure, shutter speed, and ISO. As I mentioned above, Moto Camera is definitely the way to go if you never want to miss another important moment while trying to get your regular camera to load.

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Whether you’re looking for a fun app to take pictures with and share them with the world, or if you’re just looking for something to help you capture all of your child’s milestones on camera, this list has just about something for everyone.

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