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If you’re an educator, you’re familiar with all that you have to keep up with in that field of work. While from afar it may seem that some teachers just “teach,” they do so much more than simply that. Not only do they teach, but they also have school requirements they have to meet (one often being keeping up with each student individually). And beyond that, most teachers work extremely hard to go beyond the books, desiring to make a lasting impact in their student’s lives, because it’s not merely about their classroom, but about their community, and even the world as a whole.

That’s why today, we’re bringing you our top 5 app picks for educators. These apps have a variety of different purposes, and yet all have one thing in common: improving the education of students everywhere so that they will one day go out and make positive impacts in their relationships and in their communities. So whether you’re a teacher struggling to keep track of everything, or you’re just looking for a fresh way to present coursework, here’s our top 5 favorite apps for educators.

Class Dojo

Many teachers are passionate about their student’s education and growth, but wish there was a way to better involve parents in seeing the same progress in their children that they as teachers do. With jobs and busy schedules between both teachers and parents, it can be hard to touch base as often as both may like. That’s where Class Dojo comes in.

Class Dojo is an app for educators that will transform the way parents and teachers interact. With this app, teachers will be able to contact parents from right within the classroom, sharing photos and videos of achievements, fun activities the kids are doing that day, and important announcements about events and projects. Another awesome feature is that each child has their own schoolwork portfolio where they can add what they are working on and have completed, and their parents have access to this portfolio so that they can stay up to date on exactly what their kids are learning. Not only does Class Dojo bring another element of fun into the classroom and a new way for teachers to connect with parents, but it also allows parents with even the busiest of schedules to keep up with what their children are learning about in school.

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Additio – Teacher’s Gradebook

No matter how many students you have, it’s not easy to keep up with each student individually, and that’s a requirement for teachers in many, if not all schools. The problem is, it can be hard to juggle keeping up with everyone in your class between teaching and everything else you have on your plate as well. The creators of Additio, a gradebook and organization system for teachers, recognized this breakdown and created one of the most efficient apps to help educators streamline their work.

In Additio, you’ll be able to add in the topics for each day of your class ahead of time, and any extra details you’ll need on the spot, such as questions about the coursework you want to ask, announcements for projects, and so on. With this handy calendar, you’ll be able to stay on top of everything. But Additio isn’t just a calendar, it’s a password-protected class and file organizer. You’ll have each child entered into the app, and right within your class, you’ll be able to take attendance with Additio, take note of behavior, calculate grades and marks, and so much more. If you find that you, or even a teacher friend of yours, is scrambling to keep track of everything, suggest Additio— the app that gives you access to everything at once, all at your fingertips.

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Socrative Teacher

Socrative Teacher is an app that works in tandem with other Socrative apps, like Socrative Student. Basically, the Socrative apps give teachers an additional way to connect with their students that goes beyond mere pencil and paper. While you’ll certainly remain with your routine curriculum, this app allows you to create your own quizzes to send off to any students that have the Socrative Student app.

The benefit of the Socrative Teacher app is that it engages students in a fresh way. If you find that some of your students are becoming disinterested with the coursework, entering some of the quizzes and questions into the app and sending them to your students to complete will give them a change of pace in the way they complete their work, which may end up actually having a positive effect on their grades. A brilliant idea, we can’t recommend Socrative apps enough for your classroom.

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Teacher Class123


The Teacher Class123 app is almost like a basic hybrid of Additio and Class Dojo. While it doesn’t have all of the features included in both apps, it has some similar features from each, and it’s own features that make it unique. One thing that makes Teacher Class123 different is the emphasis it puts on positive reinforcement and motivation. Teachers can connect the app to the class screen, and give their students individual and group compliments throughout the day or week, and parents can see them at home as well.

Similar to Class Dojo, Teacher Class123 is full of fun colors and avatars, but similar to Additio, you can keep track of different assignments and grades throughout the week. In Teacher Class123, you’ll be able to share media taken in your classroom with parents, send private messages to parents, send out mass classroom announcements, and even encourage teamwork by implementing the “Class Goal Tracker.” You’ll even have access to a clock, stopwatch, and timer right within the app, which can turn typically boring, run-of-the-mill assignments into a fun and exciting race against the clock.

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Entirely focused on communication, Remind is an app for educators that is changing performance, grades, and communities for the better. Straight from the classroom, teachers are able to contact parents with questions or notices about their child, and what makes Remind so amazing is that it is simple to use. It doesn’t require you to add a lot of information ahead of time or pressure you to send a lot of information out. It gives teachers the tools they need to notify parents about their kids, and has proven time after time to impact students in positive ways.

Although a great tool for teachers to connect with parents, Remind isn’t solely parent-teacher focused. As aforementioned, the app’s main agenda is communication as a whole. So not only will teachers be able to yes, talk to parents, but they’ll also be able to message the entire school, and specific groups of parents or teachers. Remind makes it easy for teachers to share curriculum ideas and projects with each other, new classroom techniques and methods, and so on. Especially if you’re a teacher who is new to integrating apps into their classroom, we recommend Remind as a simple but efficient way to get you started.

Download it now: Google Play


No matter what kind of app you’re  looking for to help you as an educator, we hope you gained some new inspiration from this app list. Whether you’re looking for a new way to connect with parents or manage your classroom, whether you have something simple or complex in mind, we included a little bit of everything.

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