Make Activision’s Call Of Duty Elite Your Next Social Gaming Network (Video)

Any Call of Duty fans out there?  Yeah, yeah, no need to shout all at once.  We’ve got some good news for you.  Activision is gearing up to release their Call of Duty Elite platform for those accessing any Call of Duty games on consoles and PC’s, and boy have they got a lot of goodies stuffed inside.  This is like Twitter and Facebook for hard core Call of Duty fans.  One of the major features being touted at its start is the ability to connect with friends and family members all over the country to compare scores and stats.  In addition, players will be able to challenge each other for real live prizes such as iPads and Jeeps!  The method in which one will be able to access Call of Duty Elite are plenty.  You can get to the service via the web, your television, a game console and now directly on your Android smartphone via a proprietary app.  You can team up with others and engage in awesome adventures together as well as see how well you stand up to other major players.  You can even enter into leagues with your friends.  Another cool feature is mission playback where you can replay a cool stunt or move you performed in slow motion and then upload it to YouTube or Facebook where others can rate it.  Pretty neat huh?  Check out the hilariously narrated demo video below and definitely don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.

[via intomobile]

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  • Marius

    This reads a whole lot like an advertisement for what boils down to a subscription service for an FPS.

    Thumbs down from me.

  • Cod elite

    So it sounds amazing right ? Why so many haters its 3 £ a month are you all that poor ? I guess your just tight with money. Well think of it this way…3 £ x12 = 36 + 45 =81 for total game for a year with premium. OK so its like paying for the hardened edition but with so many benefits in fact with both infinity ward and sledgehammer working on the project there will be huge amount of DLC all free to the premium user oh and premiums get it early i think:). So why not pay that little 3 £ a month (which you can cancel anytime)to get a bit more from the game.