Arlo announces an upgraded 4K wireless security camera

Arlo has announced a new, upgraded version of their wireless security cameras, and this time they’re adding 4K recording to the gadget. In addition to still being totally wire-free, you’ll get the resolution bump plus HDR capability.

All of these new features will still deliver the same highly rated Arlo experience that makes them so popular, but you’ll get significantly improved recording and color night vision. The Arlo Ultra also includes a one-year sub to Arlo Smart Premier, which is Arlo’s subscription plan that offers some extra features for better security monitoring.

For the rest of the details, this camera is capable of recording and outputting 4K, so you’ll just need a compatible display and a good enough network to handle the extra stress. There’s an integrated spotlight to help with night vision, and the dual-microphone design of the camera means you’ll get excellent noise cancellation while using the two-way audio features.

These cameras will be available early next year with a single camera starting at $399, and they do include a one-year subscription to Arlo Smart Premier that typically costs $120 per year.

source: Arlo