Google Play has new notifications to help you re-install apps from your previous devices

Google has added some new notifications to the Play Store with the intention of making things a little easier when migrating from your old phone to your new device. I can’t help but think how perfect it is that this new feature rolled out during the holidays when everyone’s buying new gadgets, but that’s beside the point.

Anyway, this new feature will drop a notification in the Updates section of the Google Play Store telling you to review some of the apps from your previous device that you frequently use. Tapping that notification brings you over to the Library tab with those frequent apps prioritized at the top of the list, making it easy to quickly get them installed again.

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Of course, it seems like it’s supposed to be frequently used apps, but apparently there’s no real rhyme or reason to which apps get recommended. That could be pretty helpful for finding older gems that you might have forgotten about, but it can also inundate you with apps you just don’t like or need anymore.

And as someone who signs into and uses multiple new phones every month for reviews, I can almost guarantee you I’ll completely ignore this feature.

source: Android Police

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