Pixel 3 might have a glitch that’s killing background apps

The Pixel 3 is arguably the best Android phone on the market, but it’s already had its fair share of early software bugs. I just wrote about a glitch that prevents a photo from saving after the shot is taken, which can be very frustrating if that “perfect shot” is missed. There have also been reports of buzzing or otherwise problematic speakers, and now there are possible problems with memory management. There’s apparently a glitch that’s causing background apps to close, despite 4GB of RAM onboard. I personally haven’t been affected by any of the above issues on my Pixel 3, but there’s enough evidence out there to suggest these are real problems.

If more than a few apps are open at one time, the Pixel 3 has been forcing some out of memory. Android Police has been able to replicate this issue with just 3-4 open apps. In addition, just the camera app has shut down Spotify if its playing in the background. These problems aren’t simply being reported by angry users, but also high profile tech reviewers. Daniel Bader from Android Central reported that music and podcasts are being spontaneously killed during playback, an experience echoed by Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) during his Pixel 3 XL review on YouTube.

Android Police shot a video comparing the Pixel 3 XL to the OnePlus 6 and demonstrated how just using Chrome, Twitter and Google+ was enough for the Pixel to kill Chrome. The OnePlus 6 didn’t suffer this problem.

It’s unknown if this is truly a software bug or simply the fact that 4GB of RAM isn’t enough for a 2018 flagship. While other flagships have more RAM this year, I doubt that RAM alone is the problem. 4GB should be more than enough to handle a few open apps. Hopefully Google can sort this out with a software update, especially if this and the other reported problems become more widespread.

Source: Android Police

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