Google officially announces the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL


Google’s event today has finally made the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL official, despite a ton of leaks. The company showed off everything they have for us today (Google Home Hub, Pixel Slate, and the Pixel phones) with more detail to follow.

Pixel 3, better than ever

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL both have larger displays and more screen-to-body ratios, making them feel much more modern with better media experiences than the previous models. And, yep, that Pixel 3 XL is featuring a notched display to maximize the screen real estate and create an edge to edge experience. So no, those rumors definitely weren’t a misdirection.

Google is including front firing stereo speakers like what’s in the Pixel Slate, and they’re using the same tuned sound profile for crisp highs and clear lows making the Pixel 3 a music powerhouse. Google’s throwing in 6 months of the new YouTube Music to help you test that out, too.

Google’s fancy visual core processing for pictures makes a return, so you can expect the Pixel 3 to once again take photos to make all of your friends jealous. During the event Google even discussed how Conde Nast was using Pixels to take professional photos for their magazines, which means they really are just that good, and there are several cool new features to talk about.

The Pixel camera is still in focus

The new Top Shot feature uses machine learning to make sure that you snap a perfect picture, too. It will automatically capture alternate shots when you take a picture so you can “fix” a picture if someone blinked or sneezed. Super Res Zoom aims to make zooming much less painful by once again utilizing machine learning and multiple shots to merge several different frames together to create a zoomed in photo that isn’t grainy and blown out.

Night Sight is Google’s solution for low-light photos that almost makes the flash on your phone useless. The phone will use machine learning to maximize exposure and brightness in your photos without ruining your shots. Google demonstrated how much better the Pixel 3 holds up next to the iPhone XS, and it’s absolutely impressive. Even better, this feature is coming to older Pixel devices soon, too.

On the AR side of things, Google is calling their new AR stickers and models Playground, and it will be launching soon with an exclusive Childish Gambino sticker to play with. Google Lens is getting integrated directly into the camera of the Pixel 3 and boasts new features like being able to search for specific fashion accessories, which will certainly make Lens a more popular selling point on Android devices.

Accessories and availability

The Pixel Stand also makes an appearance with the Pixel 3 offering a unique wireless charging experience, including fast charging and some serious Google Assistant integration. The phone will change interfaces while charging to allow you to do several actions via voice and single taps through Assistant, and each morning the device will slowly increase brightness and act like an intelligent alarm clock. Think of this like a mini Google Home Hub, but with your Pixel 3.

You’ll be able to purchase the Pixel 3 in Really Black, Clearly White, and Not Pink and still offer unlimited Google Photos backup. The Pixel 3 starts at $799 and will release October 18th through Verizon and unlocked directly through Google, while the Pixel Stand will run $79. Pricey? Sure. Hopefully there’s enough value here to make it worthwhile.

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