Let your Google Home help you cook with Tasty recipes

Google is rolling out a new feature for the Google Home family that will pair the smart speaker with Tasty recipes, helping you to fully cook meals completely hands free. It’s a pretty literal take on the Assistant part of Google Assistant, but hey, you can use all the kitchen help you can get.

Google Home pulls everything from Tasty, a very popular food website with tons and tons of ideas and recipes.

To get started, simply say “Hey Google, start cooking with Tasty.” You’ll likely be able to ask for certain recipes if you’re cooking chicken, for example, but afterwards Google will read off the instructions to you to help you make it through until the meal is on the table.

There’s still some blurry info on exactly how this works, especially if you need to take some steps slowly and you’re working around different ingredients. But still, it’s a very cool concept and I think most of us are excited to see how well a Google Home can pull of this kind of thing.

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