US issues warning to Canada over relationship with Huawei

The US government hasn’t tried to hide their concern over some of Huawei’s activities, particularly as it relates to China’s government. Now lawmakers in the US government are issuing a warning directly to Canada over Huawei’s presence in Canada.

Huawei uses Canada as a research center for next-gen networking technology, and there’s some concern about Huawei potentially using that location to spy on Canada’s allies.

While the US offered no concrete proof, former RIM chief executive Jim Balsillie did urge the Canadian government to take the warning seriously, especially over Canada keeping IP generated from state-funded research done by Huawei. And, honestly, if anyone’s going to know when to take security seriously, an executive from BlackBerry would be it.

Canadian officials took some heat for not publicly discussing the warning, but instead giving the PR answer of not talking about this kind of thing with the media. While that’s an understandable response for something as serious as national security, many were upset that no one would even acknowledge that security should be a top concern for the Canadian government.

source: The Globe and Mail

  • pda96

    It’s kinna hard to see because they are so far away. But if you look hard enough, you’ll see Canadians giving the US their middle fingers.

  • Ware52

    I’m kinda just waiting for the US to completely isolate itself now…