Google+ gets a complete coding overhaul on Android

Sure, Google+ isn’t really a huge deal anymore. Okay, Google+ was never a huge deal, but there’s still some pretty good discussion and activity going on with Google’s own social network. And for those of you still regularly using it, Google has completely rewritten their Google+ application, which means you’re getting some new features and hopefully some better performance in the future.

The update is pretty similar to the existing app at first glance, but there a few changes under the hood. Rendering and scrolling through the app has improved, some changes were made to the photo lightbox, and the comments for posts are a bit different. There’s no single major new feature, but since the codebase should be easier to work with, we might start seeing some regular updates to G+ in the coming year.

As with all overhauls, there are likely still a few bugs to be ironed out, so keep that in mind when you use it.

Are any of you still regularly using Google’s social media site over the competition?

source: Google+