Snag a discount on the OnePlus 5, if you’re a student

OnePlus has announced a unique discount to potential buyers of th OnePlus 5, although it won’t be easy for everyone to take advantage of. You’ll have to be an active student to save money with this deal.

If you are a student, however, you’re automatically able to save 10% off of a OnePlus 5. It’s not a huge discount, but for a student saving that much off an already cheap phone is pretty tempting.

You will have to register and prove that you are currently a student, which likely means you’ll need an active .edu account or something similar. Afterwards, you’ll be given a one time use coupon to use on OnePlus’s website to discount any model that’s available. You’ll be able to redeem one coupon per year.

Any students ready to jump on a discounted OnePlus 5?

source: OnePlus