Specifications for new Pixel 2 devices, Taimen and Walleye, revealed

Rumors about the next generation Google Pixel phones to be released later this year continue to ramp up as we hit the summer months. The latest round comes from an unnamed source who is described as “familiar with the matter” and who “spent time with at least one of these phones” who has shared some of the specifications for the devices. Consistent with previously leaked information, this source indicates there are only two forthcoming Pixel 2 devices, a smaller unit codenamed Walleye and a larger device codenamed Taimen. If accurate, the descriptions of the devices also reveal some significant differences brought about by Google having two different manufacturers for this year’s devices.

The larger device known as Taimen and apparently destined to become the Pixel 2 XL will come with a 5.99-inch Quad HD display from LG. According to this source, the bezels on the Taimen device will be smaller than what we have seen in the past and should probably be more consistent with the recently launched LG G6. Internally, 128GB of storage should be available in at least one variant and the device will be powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor paired up with 4GB of RAM. The camera is still expected to be a single lens unit with a dual LED flash. From a design standpoint, the device will sport the same glass and metal combination on the back of the device, although the glass portion will shrink in size and no longer house the fingerprint scanner.

In contrast to the Taimen device, the smaller Walleye smartphone will come with a full HD 4.97-inch display. Unlike the larger device, the bezels on the smaller Pixel phone are described s being similar to the current Pixel phone. The source also indicates that for this smaller unit Google is dropping the 3.5mm audio jack in exchange for stereo speakers, although it is not clear whether those will be front-facing. Internally, the Walleye device also gets a Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM and at least one configuration will get 64GB of onboard storage.

A final bit of information that was gleaned by the source while examining an early build unit is that the Taimen device refers to the fingerprint software app as “Nexus Imprint” while the Walleye device uses “Pixel Imprint” for the same app. Of course, this is making some people wonder whether Google may be planning to resurrect the Nexus name or if this is just some leftover naming convention that has not been cleaned up yet.

Overall the new Pixel 2 devices are shaping up to be mostly consistent with current flagship devices in the market this year from a hardware standpoint. This premium level of hardware will be joined by Google’s mostly stock Android experience and interface as opposed to other manufacturers who layer their own creations on top of Android.

Do you think that will be enough to generate the kind of interest Google was able to achieve last year with the initial launch of the Pixel phone line?

source: XDA Developers

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