Hoping to revive slumping mobile division, LG launches the V20 in September


Three weeks ago, LG’s mobile division experienced a shakeup amid disappointing sales for the company’s 2016 flagship. The G5 just didn’t meet expectations for anyone, and LG was forced to shift leadership positions after taking a loss for Q2 2016. Now LG is preparing to get back into the green with its upcoming flagship for the fall.

During its second quarter earnings report on Thursday, LG revealed a new phone from the fancier V series will launch by the end of this quarter. That means we’ll be seeing the V20 no later than September.


Because the G5 came and went with little attention despite its modular design, the V20 will represent a big moment for LG. The company needs a success; if the V10 is any indication, LG should experience a healthy boost. When the phone launched in September 2013, people were intrigued by the multi-display approach. It proved to be a winner in the eyes of critics and even consumers as 450,000 units were sold in the first 45 days of availability in the United States alone. Sales may not have been on Samsung’s or Apple’s level, but it was enough for LG to deem the phone an immediate success.

The premium design really clicked with consumers, which is probably what helped push sales. Rather than being cheap plastic or a faux metal like phones from LG’s G series, the V series is high-end with aluminum and a textured back. Those are the type of things we expect from the V20.

LG’s mobile division recorded a loss of $132 million during Q2 2016 after losing $170 million during the first quarter.

Via: Android Central

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