‘Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’ is here for the NVIDIA SHIELD


We have some great news for all you Metal Gear fans out there: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is now available for the NIVIDIA SHIELD! The only thing better than this news is the fact that, as a special introductory price, you can snag the game for just $14.99, 50% off the sticker price.

For those of you who have not played the game before, Metal Gear Rising is a hack and slash action game set four years after the events of Metal Gear Solid 4. The stealth mechanics from the other games in the series takes a back seat in this one, but the fast paced action here is a great stress reliever. You follow Raiden — the protagonist of Metal Gear Solid 2 — as he slices his way through the battlefield seeking vengeance. The action is great, and as always in this series, the story-telling is even better.

For those of you hoping to have the same experience as the original game, do not fret, this Android port is a “Faithful, complete version of the experience.” That being said, it doesn’t mean they haven’t added some features to sweeten the deal. These features include:

  • Menu options that allow you to play all cut-scenes and conversation videos after you’ve completed the game.
  • 60 Google Play Achievements to earn.
  • Gameplay is sync’d to your associated Google Play Account
  • Full SHIELD Controller support.
  • All DLC released to the console versions are included
  • Customized body upgrades for Raiden
  • Full 720p HD resolution

I am an absolute geek for the Metal Gear universe, so I’m ecstatic that Rising is being ported over to Android TV. If you are also interested in this game, then I would hurry to snag it, that special introductory price ends on January 31st. So clear your to-do list for today, and hit the link below to grab it on the Play Store

Play Store Download Link

About the Author: Ryan Rabea

Born and raised right outside of Philadelphia, Ryan recently defected to the west, now residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh studying political science. Ryan loves all things political, with aspirations to attend law school in the Fall, followed by a career in the world of politics. When not debating politics or hunkered down studying in the Cathedral of Learning, you can find Ryan having an epic catch or wandering God’s country, Pittsburgh’s South Side. In addition to politics, Ryan has loved Android ever since getting his first Android phone, the HTC EVO 4G, almost 6 years ago. Currently though, Ryan sports a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but he can hear that Nexus 6P calling his name.

  • primalxconvoy

    I’ve been waiting for the bugs and problems for Nvidia Shield to be ironed out, and for Borderlands TPS to come out (which was promised for SUMMER last year) and Nvidia STILL haven’t released it (Yes, NVIDIA, as it’s them that’s porting it).

    I ended up just getting it for 18 dollars for my PS3. It’s going to take more than MGS to make me bother buying the Shield TV. Perhaps if they sold the 500 gig model for 100 dollars and made it available where I lived, it would do something to regain my interest.

    Here’s hoping that another, perhaps more proficient company, can release an actual decent Android console in the future…