Nyrius Smart Outlet debuts on Kickstarter, automating everything for an easy smart home


Simplifying the smart home experience while keeping equipment affordable is what Nyrius seems to be aiming for with its new Smart Outlet. The device, which plugs into any existing outlet, converts items in the home into connected devices that are manageable from a phone or tablet. With the Nyrius Smart Outlet app working alongside the hardware, users can perform various functions with connected devices. The Nyrius Smart Outlet app gives users the ability to turn on/off connected devices, schedule operating times, and turn on a proximity sensor.

You can find out more about the Nyrius Smart Outlet by heading to its Kickstarter page. There, you can also back the project for a limited release next month. The full release, for those who do not back the project, is scheduled for May.

We will be reviewing the Nyrius Smart Outlet, so stay tuned.

Nyrius® Smart Outlet Converts Existing Electronics into Manageable Smart Home Devices in One Simple Solution

NIAGRA FALLS, ON – March 12, 2015 – Nyrius’ Smart Outlet, available now on Kickstarter, instantly transforms any outlet into a Bluetooth-enabled one, creating a smart home at the palm of your hand. The Smart Outlet allows users to easily control their electronics or small appliances such as coffee makers, lamps, space heaters, stereo systems and more via any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

The plug-and-play Smart Outlet is simple to connect. Simply plug the Smart Outlet into any home outlet, connect any electronic or small appliance, and control it wirelessly via the sleek and intuitive Nyrius Smart Outlet App. The user-friendly app allows users to control and manage a number of operations including:

  • Turn Connected Devices On & Off: Users can easily turn electronics or small appliances on or off via the app in order to save energy and reduce costs.
  • Schedule Electronics: Via the app, users can create a custom timer on the app. Just choose a custom name for the plugged-in electronic or small appliance and pick a time frame and days of the week of when you want the outlet to be activated. For example, users can easily program their coffee maker to turn on every morning when they wake up or their lights to turn off on the way out of the door every morning.
  • Proximity Control: Proximity control can detect when your room is no longer occupied and will automatically turn your appliances off.

Nyrius is offering the first 50 backers that pledge $40 CAD ($31.76 US) to become an early adopter and a beta tester of the Smart Outlet. Backers who make this pledge will be able to test the product before anyone else, provide feedback and make a difference in the final development of the product.

Additional information and pledge levels can be found on Nyrius’ Kickstarter page.

The Nyrius Smart Outlet is expected to ship to all backers and be fully available for purchase in May 2015.

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About Nyrius®:
Nyrius® is a North American-based company that focuses on higher-end lifestyle electronics and gadgets. Established in 2003 and based in Niagara Falls, Ontario, it markets to both USA and Canada. Nyrius® products are sold through various distribution channels, which include mass merchants, electronic retailers, warehouse clubs, home improvement retailers, office supply retailers, direct response television, mail order catalogues, direct, online retailers, and through distributors worldwide. Nyrius® products are stylish, cutting edge, and lifestyle improving. A fundamental part of our mission is to design products of exceptional quality while also reducing our carbon footprint. NYRIUS® products can be found on www.Nyrius.com.

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