Oppo officially announces N1 Mini


True to its word, Oppo has finally officially announced the N1 Mini. The N1 Mini, not surprisingly, borrows its design from its larger cousin. However, unlike the N1 with a 6-inch screen, this one is packing a much more reasonable 5-inch screen. On top of a smaller screen, the device is lighter, has LTE, and runs Color OS 1.4. It will have the same camera as the N1 with that being the 13MP Sony 6 lens camera with a f/2.0 aperture and 1/3.2″ sensor size. The camera will also have the same rotary set up allowing you to take your selfies in all their 13MP glory.

As far as the innards are concerned, Oppo is keeping a lid on that for now. The company has set a release date for Wednesday, June 11 — in some areas — with an announcement event being held the day before. So if you’re waiting for the “mini” device from Oppo, you’re less than two weeks away from seeing it. As soon as we get a hold of some specs we’ll let you know. Stay tuned!

source: Oppo
via: G for Games

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