More Galaxy S IV details emerge, confirm many rumors


We’ve seen plenty of Galaxy S IV rumors recently, from launch dates to hardware specs. According to some leaked documents, some of those speculations were spot on, while others missed the mark a bit. If the leak is accurate, though, it confirms much of what we’ve been expecting.

The document states that the Galaxy S IV will feature an Exynos 5440 CPU, a powerful quad-core Cortex A15 chip. It isn’t the octa-core beast we saw at CES, but there’s no doubt it will surpass current generation CPUs in Samsung devices. Although, since we’ve seen some benchmarks with an S IV prototype equipped with a Qualcomm S4 Pro, there’s still some room for speculation. The S IV will also sport a 5 inch, 1080p display, as well as Android 4.2. Samsung likes to keep their flagship phones on the bleeding edge of technology, so no surprise there.

And the most important question, of course, is when will the device be announced? Everyone’s been guessing March 15th, and it looks like that was spot on. Hopefully we’ll get a few more solid leaks like this before March rolls around, though.

source: Icecream Sandwich Android Blog

About the Author: Jared Peters

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  • Toss3

    Please stop reporting news from sammobile..

  • Lachlan

    Why would Samsung go with a Qualcomm S4 Pro when they have their own Exynos processors?

    • Last time around they used Snapdragon processors for LTE compatibility in the US. I’m honestly not sure if that would still be an issue with their current Exynos chips, but it’s a possibility.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Samsung will use it’s own 5440 Exynos processor clock at 2.0 gHz.

    • squiddy20

      Not even a week ago you were stating how you “knew” Samsung would be using the new Octa-core processor unveiled at CES. Now, because the rumor mill is saying differently, you’re changing your sad story to save face. What a joke.