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Featured Play Store Review: Candy Racer [Arcade & Action]

I just stumbled upon Candy Racer, which is a very simple game, but also very challenging. From the name, you can tell it’s a racing game, but it’s way more than that. It’s actually part puzzle. Your job is to get your car to the end of the track within a certain amount of time. Along the way you can pick up stars that earn you back some time.

The tracks are candy themed and include loops, jumps, and hills. Right now there are three worlds, Candy Land, Ice Cream Land, and Chocolate Land. Examples of track names include Candy Cane, Mint Magic, Blue Lemon, and Blue Loops.

As far as controls, nothing could be simpler. You either tap down on your display or your don’t. Generally you want to tap down when your racer is going down hill and take your finger off when going up hill. It almost seems too simple, and in a way, I was turned off, but I found out that Candy Racer was way more difficult than I expected.

You can’t just simply tap down when you’re going downhill and vice verse as you really need to decide how fast or slow you want to go depending on jumps and loops. You might have to decide if it’s more important to pick up stars or jump over them. That’s what I meant when I said this game is part puzzle, and that’s what makes Candy Racer so addicting.

As far as scoring, it’s similar to the 3 star system, but instead it’s bronze, silver, or gold candy treats.  You can move on to the next track by obtaining the bronze level, but if you’re like me, you won’t feel satisfied until you earn the gold. I found it very difficult to get the gold candy even on the early levels. It think the developer, Matthias Lange, said it best, “It’s easy to play, but hard to win.

The Free version of Candy Racer comes with Candy Land, which include 10 levels. If you like it and want more, you can grab the Full version for only .99cents, which will yield you Ice Cream Land and Chocolate Land for a total of 20 additional levels. Matthias is working on newer levels, but trust me, you will be pretty busy for a while. Check out the quick demo video and choose one of the download links below to get started.



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