Featured Android Game Review: Strategy & Tactics: USSR vs USA [Arcade & Action]


Back in April, we reviewed HeroCraft’s Strategy & Tactics: World War II, and they recently released a new version called Strategy & Tactics: USSR vs USA. It’s essentially the same exact game. HeroCraft is calling it an add-on, for the World War II edition, but you don’t need to have it installed on your device. It’s actually a continuation of the first game.

The only real difference with this edition is the locations and the fact that it’s a fictitious war. It takes place during the Cold War with tensions mounting as Russia is looking to end Capitalism. An atom bomb drops in Beijing, which sets this war into action. You will also find two alternative campaigns.

If you enjoyed the World War II edition, you will love USSR vs USA because gameplay is the same. It’s very much like Risk, but turned up a notch. It’s about taking over countries, but you will be dealing with soldiers, vehicles, and planes. You won’t find any explosions in this game, it’s pure strategy. It’s about making decisions based on the strength or weakness of your soldiers. Do you divide them and attack from different locations or keep them together? Probably a little of both.

It’s not an easy game whatsoever, but thankfully HeroCraft put together a fantastic tutorial showing you the ins and outs of the game. Battles will take place in Alaska, Mexico, Canada, and even Antarctica. Did someone say Antarctica? That’s right, and the South Pole is where you will destroy the last troops of the Third Reich if you get that far.

Now you don’t have to be familiar with the World War II edition to enjoy the USSR vs USA edition. You can grab it for $2.99 in the Play Store, but be prepared for hours upon hours of strategizing. The only real negative is the price. $2.99 isn’t bad, but unless you are really good, you might have to dip into your wallet again to build your army. HeroCraft does offer a free version that includes only 1 campaign and 3 missions.

You can check out their game trailer below, and to get a good idea of gameplay, I added my hands on from the World War II edition. Also, be sure to check out our other HeroCraft game reviews.

Features (Paid)

  • 2 alternative history campaigns (17 missions)
  • 3 maps in scenario mode
  • Global multiplayer across different smartphones and tablets
  • Endlessly replayble Skirmish mode
  • Juggle military, economic and scientific development

Features (Free)

  • 1 campaign (3 missions)
  • “The Reds in the UK” game scenario
  • 1 Hot-seat multiplayer mode map
  • 1 Skirmish mode map with fixed game settings
  • 1 cross-platform global multiplayer mode map.

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