Review: Cruzer Lite’s Androidified Case for the Galaxy Note

After being such a huge fan of Cruzer Lite’s Androidified cases for the Galaxy Nexus I figured it was about time to wrap the Galaxy Note in one as well. I have tried many upon many a case for my devices and find I always favor the fit and finish of the TPU case from Cruzerlite. Not only do they fit perfectly, they provide just enough protection to keep your investment safe all the while reppin’ your favorite OS’ mascot, Andy. As you can see below, the Androidified case is the perfect way to show your undying affection for Android. The Android logo is emblazoned on each Androidified case in a stylish way that makes the case stand out from the rest.

The case is made from a flexible TPU material and provides enough coverage to protect against drops and scratches. There is even a little lip around the screen that keeps the screen safe from scratches if you set the phone on its face. All ports are exposed allowing full functionality of the device and you can even slide out the S Pen with ease. The case even has a nice ridged texture along the sides to provide a better grip so you don’t drop you new toy. The Galaxy Note can take some time getting used to and its large size is often cumbersome. This case should help you from fumbling it to the ground.

Available in 12 colors, the A2 TPU case from Cruzer Lite is by far my favorite case available and it’s super affordable, too. You can get one of these cases from Cruzer Lite’s Amazon store for just under $10. Also check out the new artsy line of cases for the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus called Personas of Andy. These are pretty awesome too! I’ve included a picture of the available designs below.

source: Cruzer Lite

  • Iamcoreyes

    its a cool case to pimp my Note!

  • P Morton

    I believe you mean “show your UNdying affection for Android.”
    I hope your affection isn’t on its way out!

    • Stacy Bruce

      HA!! You are correct.. Thanks :-P

  • Shimo

    I need it because my bretty galaxy note deserve more than it

  • Anonymous

    I need the case because I will need to buy 2 Notes as my wife wants one also, and since every little bit helps, a free case would certainly be nice to have.

  • Leefaldon

    Hi There,
    I would be so grateful for one of your nice cases, as the one that comes with the Note has all peeled off at the edges. Surely you can’t disagree with that one. Take care LEE

  • Michael Ward

    I would like and appreciate a case to enhance my already cool Galaxy Note .