How to unlock Google’s newest Easter egg: ‘BeanFlinger’ daydream

If you have a Nexus 4 or a Galaxy Nexus that has been updated to Android 4.2, then now is your chance to unlock one of Google’s hidden Easter eggs within the OS. If you recall, Android 4.2 offers a new feature called “daydreams” which is essentially a screen-saver type of function. There’s five stock daydreams available, but there’s a hidden fifth one that’s unlockable if you access the Jelly Bean “Easter egg” animation where you repeatedly tap on the Android version within settings.

Once that’s done, the “BeanFlinger” daydream will be unlocked. You’ll be able to find it under Settings > Display > Daydreams. If you have an Android 4.2 device that supports Daydreams, then this should be available to you.

As always, have fun!

HTC DLX will become the HTC Deluxe globally

A month or so ago it seemed the HTC J Butterfly was going to be a very limited device, but it’s just too good to limit this bad boy. I finally got my hands on the DROID DNA, which is essentially the same phone, and I must tell you that this might just be the finest phone ever made. We also heard that it will be known as the DLX in other Asian markets, and now it seems as though it will actually be called the Deluxe globally at least according to @evleaks. I know that many of you in Europe were wondering if it was every going to arrive, and it looks like it will. Unfortunately we don’t have a time frame, but we are hopeful it will happen by year’s end. This is just too good of a phone to not share the love everywhere.

source @evleaks

Amazon to ship Kindle Fire HD 8.9 today with 4G versions to follow next week

The larger brother of Amazon’s Kindle Fire series is now here and has reportedly starting to ship. The Kindle Fire HD 8.9 offers a 1,920 x 1,200 display at a low starting price of $299. As for a 4G LTE version, you can expect that to start shipping next week starting November the 20th. As expected, the LTE model will set you back further at $499 but is still relatively cheap compared to other tablets such as the iPad with similar storage and 4G connectivity.

Excited about this tablet? Check out the official press release after the break!

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Android taking over China’s smartphone market in latest analysis

As Android continues to grow its market share on both smartphones and tablets throughout the world, one location where it is enjoying immense success is China. The latest report from Analysys International estimates Android now commands 90 percent of the Chinese market. Analysys’ estimate is based on data from both device sales and ownership. This is up from just over 58 percent last year.
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Vodafone Red Hot offers new pricing twist for smartphone buyers

Vodafone UK has come up with a new twist for potential buyers of smartphones on their network. Dubbed Vodafone Red Hot, users sign up for a pair of 12-month contracts. The first is for a typical data plan that includes unlimited voice and text and up to 2GB of data. The second contract is to “hire” the device you select. Effectively, the plan is like an auto lease as you have to turn the phone back in to Vodafone at the end of the year unless you decide to pony up and pay for the device or switch to a month to month plan with continuing “lease” payments.
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OnLive Game Streaming Now On LG Smart TV with Google TV


OnLive has announced it will be integrated with G2 Series LG Smart TV with Google TV TVs Televisions (wow that was a lot of TVs). The update should begin rolling out today. Those unfamiliar with the game streaming service can check out our hands on earlier this year. OnLive is currently available on VIZIO Co-Star and will also be available on the Ouya at launch.

Full press release after the break

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Google releases Augmented Reality game called Ingress for those lucky enough to get invited

Back in September, Google Niantic Labs brought us Field Trip and now they have a new augmented reality game called Ingress. For now it’s an invite only, but with Google behind it, it could really bring augmented reality to the next level. We don’t have a lot of information about it, but from the video you can see our freedom is at stake and the “Enlightened” needs help. Certain places attract not only people but events as well, and the mission of 13 Magnis is to monitor the effects of mind hacking.

Players will generate virtual energy that is needed to play the game by picking up units of “XM” which will be collected through their real-world surroundings. It’s kind of like a real-world version of Pac-Man. What do you do with this energy? You will go on missions around the world to “portals” which will be virtually associated with public art, libraries, and other major places. It’s a matter of picking what side you want to play, the “Resistance” or the “Enlightened”, and players can play anywhere in the world.

As I mentioned, it’s an invite only so hit the source link to sign up. We have no idea when it will open up to more people, but we do know that the game will end eventually, most likely a year to a year and half from now. Official trailer video after the break.

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XCom Global offering Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 up for rent

XCom Global has announced, in an interesting move, that you’ll now be able to rent a Nexus 7 or Nexus 10 while traveling abroad. Yes, I said rent. This interesting business model takes into account a lot of assumptions, like say your current laptop setup isn’t ideal or is too cumbersome. Or you currently do not own a compact tablet more conducive for travel. Or maybe you just don’t want to risk traveling with your own epuipment. Well XCom Global has quelled those issues by offering up a rental option on arguably the hottest tablet lineup out there.

The price to rent is set at $2 per day for the Nexus 7 and $3 per day for the Nexus 10. However, they’re offering a special introductory rate of $1 and $2 per day respectively. I’ve got a feeling that consumers will look at this as more of a test drive for the product rather than actually using it to replace their device while traveling. What do you think about this business plan? Hit the break for the full press release.


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Another Day, Another Dose Of Sharp Android & iOS Criticism From Steve Ballmer


Microsoft head man Steve Ballmer is at it yet again by touting his Windows Phone platform, while offering sharp criticism of both the Android and iOS platforms at the same time. According to TechCrunch, Ballmer took some time to highlight the difference of apps between his Windows Phone platform and the competition, albeit in a fiery manner. He argues that the Android ecosystem is “wild”, “uncontrolled” and susceptible to malware. It doesn’t stop there as he highlights Apple’s iOS ecosystem is “high-priced” and “highly controlled”. We get the sense that those in the audience listening to him may have been somewhat uncomfortable and/or offended by his latest comments.

Naturally he doesn’t highlight the successes of both platforms despite their perceived “flaws”, but such is life I suppose. Ballmer is known for creating controversy and expressing bold opinions, but it may appear that he is jumping the gun just a little bit. Let’s see how Windows Phone sales do during Q4 and if Ballmer will continue to stir up controversy then.

source: Tech Crunch