Marquette, Michigan gets honor of being Verizon’s 400th 4G LTE market, events held in several US communities

Yesterday and today, Verizon issued a series of press releases noting new 4G LTE markets throughout the U.S. Things got rolling with expansions of existing LTE markets in Nashville and Knoxville, Tennessee yesterday. Today the 400th market milestone was reached with the flipping of the switch in Marquette, Michigan. Some of the other cities joining the 4G LTE ranks include:
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Samsung Galaxy S III for Three UK now receiving Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean OTA

Samsung has already told us to expect the update to Jelly Bean to take place over the coming months, but subscribers on UK’s Three network are receiving a very early Christmas present. Users are reporting that the carrier is now pushing out an update to Android 4.1.1, making it the first carrier-branded device to receive the highly anticipated firmware upgrade.

If you haven’t already been prompted for the update, you can head into settings > about phone > system updates to check for it manually. The file measures a whopping 286MB, so unless you’ve got loads of data you’ll want to connect to your local WI-Fi network. After you’ve completed the upgrade, be sure to let us know how the new software fares in the comments below.

Source: Android Central

Motorola unleashes slew of how-to videos for Motorola DROID RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD

Right in line with the official launch of the DROID RAZR HD and DROID RAZR MAXX HD, Motorola has uploaded a series of software guides and tutorials to help new users better understand the Android OS. The videos cover various different topics, mostly ones that a familiar user would already know, but it might not hurt to take a look at some of the RAZR’s exclusive features after the break.

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[For Rooted Users Only] Trinity Kernel and TKT App Review

If you’re familiar with rooting and custom ROM’s, then I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of trying to find the right kernel to flash that coincides best with your phone and current ROM. Keep in mind that the best kernel is always up for grabs and I feel is just too subjective to definitively determine who makes the best kernel. Every phone is different, and every ROM (stock or not) is different. For me, the best that has worked for quite some time now on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been Trinity kernel created by XDA user Morfic. Trinity is currently available for the Nexus S, Nexus 7, (AT&T/TMO) Samsung Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Nexus.

If you’re not familiar with Trinity kernel, or if you’ve never used it, Trinity offers a kernel that’s optimized and enhanced for performance all while maintaining a great battery life. Morfic also offers several versions of his kernel all dependent to your liking, whether you want an overclocked CPU version or even an overclocked GPU version. Trinity also offers great colors for my Nexus’ SAMOLED screen. Upon first flash, you may notice a slight blu-ish hue to your Galaxy Nexus’ screen, but trust me, after a couple days you’ll get used to it and will never want to go back to stock colors. Here’s a full list of what Trinity offers:

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DROID RAZR HD Developer Edition Hits Motorola’s Site for $599

Following last month’s release of the DROID RAZR M Developer Edition, those anxious to be able to do the same type of customization with the RAZR HD are in luck. The DROID RAZR HD Developer Edition is now available from Motorola via their website. Be warned though: The second you purchase this bad boy, your warranty is void. Basically, there is no warranty. However, this edition does let you customize to your heart’s content like custom software and themes thanks to its unlocked bootloader. Having this luxury will set you back a cool $599. The Developer Edition will begin shipping on October 22nd.


source:  Motorola

Marvel War of Heroes arrives on Google Play with trading card addictiveness in tow

Trading Card Games such as Rage of Bahamut have been extremely popular with Android users. Now the comic book giant Marvel, responsible for icons such as Spiderman and the recently revived Avengers series, have decided to cut themselves a piece of the pie with the recently released Marvel War of Heroes. Made by the same developers as the aforementioned Rage of Bahamut, expect it to have extremely strategic and open gameplay that everyone from the die hard TCG player to the 7-year old Iron Man fanatic can enjoy.

Published by Mobage games, it has a social aspect ingrained into its very DNA, allowing players to play each other, as well as participate in a cooperative campaign across the internet. Complete with all the Facebook and Twitter connectivity you could dream for, this is a game made for groups of friends to play and challenge each other. The game is currently out and early user reviews are proclaiming it the best game since Rage of Bahamut and many users are willing to share promo codes for exclusive and rare cards. With a free price tag, I suggest anyone who’s into TCGs to pick this one up for some on-the-go action. Hit the break for the download links.

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Premature earnings release causes Google stock price to nosedive

Earlier today, Google’s quarterly earnings were accidentally released via a filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission. The premature filing appears to have been made in error by R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co., which is the company retained by Google to print its financial documents. As if the snafu involving the filing of unofficial documents was not enough, the results showed that Google’s profit declined by 20% amid rising costs and declining advertising revenues. This missed expectations and triggered a sell-off with Google share prices down 9% before trading was suspended. Once trading resumed at about 3:20 pm ET, it remained in that area and was down 8% at last report.
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Sprint gains control of Clearwire

Sprint officially holds the controlling interest in Clearwire after buying out a shareholder pushing their stake in Clearwire from 48.1% to 50.8%. Clearwire and Sprint were both struggling financially but this move was made possible by Softbank acquiring Sprint on Monday. Sprint and Clearwire have done this dance before, but now that they have support from Softbank and a little more financial support it will be interesting to see what these companies are able to do in the future.

Source: Reuters

Carbon Trust certification awarded to Samsung Galaxy S III and Ace Duo

 The Samsung Galaxy S III is a phone that was instantly hailed as one of the best phones on the market and that was before the Jelly Bean update. When you have the combination of great hardware engineering and imaginative software all the praise is well deserved, now the Galaxy S III is being honored for being environmentally friendly. The Galaxy S III along with the Samsung Ace Duo in Europe were awarded the Carbon Trust PAS 2050 certification. PAS 2050 certification is based on greenhouse emissions over a devices lifetime. To put this into additional perspective, the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note had also received this certification, so this adds to Samsung’s recent history of environmentally friendly phones. Does the environment ever play a role in deciding which phone you buy?

Source: Android central

PowerA Moga Controller hands on review: console-like gaming on the go

I think we are at the beginning of a boom for smartphone/tablet controllers. With the console showing signs of decline, all eyes are on on the mobile community. There are two elements that need to be met in order for mobile to take over. First, you need quality games, and second, you need good controls. Each and everyday we are getting closer and closer to console-like games, but what about the controls? We already have a number of controllers available, and nothing has excited me too much until now. The problem with controllers is that there’s no place to put your phone. If you try to put it on a table, it’s awkward, and it just doesn’t work. The PowerA MOGA Bluetooth controller takes care of this problem and gives you a complete portable mini-gaming system for $49.99 (available October 21). Does it live up to the hype and is it worth your hard earned dollars? Hit the break to find out.

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