Details leak about upcoming Samsung Galaxy S 5 Prime, Galaxy S 5 Mini, and next-gen Galaxy Mega


A leak from a source that’s working on the Kids Mode on upcoming Samsung smartphones has given some insight into what Samsung is planning on doing with the screen sizes of their upcoming products, which confirms what we’re going to see on the Galaxy S 5 Prime, Galaxy S 5 Mini, and a new Galaxy Mega. Read more

Samsung won’t use the May 28 health care tech event to launch a new product


A number of people assumed that because Samsung sent out invitations to the May 28 health care tech event, that they would use the event to launch a new health-care product. This is not true.

Samsung VP Stefan Heuser told Re/Code that Samsung would not be using the event as a product announcement. Samsung’s electronics unit is in fact split into 2 parts, the part that makes devices like TV’s, smartphones, and so on, and the part that makes components, like chips and displays. The part of the company that is holding the health-care event is in fact the latter part.

Source: Re/code

Snapchat settles with FTC after lying to users about privacy


After it was uncovered that Snapchat was being dishonest about to their users about privacy, they have now entered into a consent decree with the FTC addressing concerns over the companies privacy policy.

Snapchat went through a huge data breach last year exposing 4.6 million phone numbers and user names. According to the FTC, the data breach contradicted promises made by Snapchat concerning security.

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Oracle wins Java copyright ruling against Google’s Android


Oracle Corp today won a key legal battle over Google when the U.S. appeals court decided that Oracle could copyright certain part of the Java programming, used by Google  to design Android.

Oracle originally sued Google in 2010, claiming that they had improperly used Java in Android. Because of that they are seeking around $1 billion in damages on the copyright claims.

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Budget waterproof smartphones said to be the target for 2015


Water and your devices. They just do not go hand and hand. In 2013, Samsung realized that they could serve a consumer that wanted durability and released the Galaxy S 4 Active. And this year Samsung and others, like Sony, made their flagship smartphones water and dust resistant. Durability is something becoming expected and now other manufacturers will take this concept to another market for 2015.

Sources say the entry-level and mid-range smartphones will be the target for waterproofing next year. Right now, the cost of a waterproof smartphone is way too high. So releasing a handset below $300 without a contract that is waterproof is the goal. Getting to that price while waterproofing will not be difficult, but can a quality experience still be provided?

Source: DigiTimes

Netflix prices staying put for two years for current U.S. customers, $8.99 thereafter


A few weeks ago we learned that Netflix would be implementing a price hike for new subscribers. Today, Netflix has explained just who will be faced with the price hike, when, and how much.

The account holder in my household received the email above and states that the $7.99 monthly charge will get raised to $8.99; however, current customers are protected for two years. All new members will have to pay $8.99 from the start.

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Google Play Services 4.4 teardown reveals much more waiting in the wings


Google started rolling out an update to Google Play Services earlier this week to take it up to version 4.4. Publicly, the update included the ability to embed Street View imagery in apps, some motion detectors, and tweaks to Mobile Ads, game services, and Google Wallet. Now that the update has started to reach actual users, a teardown of the APK has commenced revealing Google included a lot more in the file even if it has not been turned on yet. Read more

Image of Moto E leaks in Facebook post


With only a few days to go until Motorola announces a new smartphone on May 13th, a new image has popped up that allegedly shows the Moto E, a device Motorola will be selling in developing markets. Last month we reported the Moto E would be heading to Mexico with other markets to follow, so it should not be a surprise that the leaked photo came from a Facebook user located in Mexico.  Read more

LG Isai officially released in Japan but not an LG G3 preview


LG officially released the LG Isai via KDDI in Japan yesterday. The smartphone is supposed to be a KDDI exclusive for that market. Historically LG’s Japanese phone releases have been a precursor to the release of new flagship devices around the world. Many people are expecting that to be the case again and are looking at the LG Isai to be a good indication of what the LG G3 will look like and what hardware will be included when released.

According to LG, the forthcoming LG G3 and the LG Isai are “completely different” products. Despite that claim, comparing images of the LG Isai to leaked images of the LG G3 reveal devices that appear to be very similar. That probably means the hardware is similar as well, like the 5.5-inch QHD display of the LG Isai.

source: ZDNet Japan
via: G for Games

Samsung’s Galaxy S 5 with a 2560×1440 display and Snapdragon 805 could be released only in Korea


It looks like the Galaxy S 5 with a eye popping 2560×1440 display will be exclusive to Korean carriers. Three versions of the Samsung device with the model number SM-G906 appeared and belong to SK Telecom (SM-G906S), KT (SM-G906K), and LG Uplus (SM-G906L). In addition to a gorgeous display, it will have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 processor because it allows for displays with such resolutions to be managed. The interesting thing is that this LTE-A handset listed Android 4.4.3 as its operating system, a version not yet released or even announced.

Are you hoping this comes to your market?

Source: SammyToday
Via: Unwired View