T-Mobile And Verizon Ink Deal To Swap Spectrum

You’ve got to hand it to T-Mobile and Verizon— each wireless carrier is positioning itself to have the best wireless technology possible for its customers. Both carriers signed a landmark AWS spectrum purchase and exchange agreement. For T-Mobile specifically, the deal would allow it to acquire additional spectrum, while simultaneously realigning its current spectrum holdings. The deal would cover 15 markets and allow T-Mo to grab spectrum which covers over 60 million people. If or when the deal is approved by the FCC, this technology will allow T-Mo to use the spectrum for it’s existing 4G HSPA+ network as well as its upcoming LTE-Advanced network, which of course is due next year. Don’t think Verizon is left cut and dry from this deal too as it too gets what it’s ultimately looking for. For Big Red, it’ll stand to gain spectrum from T-Mo which covers 22 million people and “cash consideration” from this deal.

While this deal is indeed exciting, it could possibly face numerous challenges or obstacles which could prevent it from going through. The biggest issue is well, the FCC has to ok the deal first and you can bet the FCC certainly hasn’t forgotten about a certain deal T-Mobile was recently part of. The second is some of the spectrum is owned by SpectrumCo, Cox and Leap— and those individual deals must be approved first before T-Mo’s part can go through. Still, you can’t not be excited at the prospect of T-Mobile’s seemingly inevitable growth. After all, it is seeing the “modernization of 37,000 cell sites, launching 4G HSPA+ services in the 1900 MHz band and deployment of LTE in 2013″.

Hit the break to see the full presser from T-Mobile.
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Sports Car Challenge Now Available For Android Devices

Racing Enthusiasts will be happy to know there’s a new game on the block that’s ready for those who are interested in driving the most exotic cars in the world. Developer FishLabs created the nifty Sports Car Challenge racing game which looks to place racers in the drivers’ seat of awesome cars, while racing on a variety of tracks and courses. The game offers realistic driving physics, authentic engine sounds and manifold customization options on account of an exclusive selection of original rims and paintworks. Among the cars available for racers are the following:
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ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 to be available mid-July starting at $499


Back at CES when we saw the ASUS Tranformer Pad Infinity, the planned price point was $599, but with similar offerings from Acer, they are going to price it more competitively. They will offer the 32GB version for $499 and the 64GB version for $599. The keyboard dock remains at $149 and is compatible with the Prime Dock. Last but not least, they will offer the same colors as the Prime: amethyst gray and champagne gold. According to ASUS it should be available by mid-July with no exact release date. If past history is any indication, you might want to pre-order this bad boy as soon as any retailers start the process. We fully expect availability to be low just like the Transformer Prime and the original Eee Pad Transformer.

The real question is what happens to the pricing of the Prime and TF300? Could those tabs drop to $399 and $299 respectively? With the Nexus tablet rumored to be $199, this “new” pricing wouldn’t surprise me. The Nexus tablet at $199 is intriguing, but I have to be honest, the TF300 at $299 is even more intriguing with the 10.1-inch display. As far as updates go, if Google releases 4.1, based on past history, it’s safe to assume that ASUS will get that update to all their tablets in a timely fashion.



Samsung To Whip Up A Special Galaxy S III Variant In Korea: Includes Quad-Core Exynos Processor And LTE Modem

You remember how we told you about how Samsung planned on bringing an “extra-special” version of the Galaxy S III in Korea? Well it’s looking like it’s going to be a version of the Galaxy S III beyond our wildest dreams. While the international (GT-I9300) model has a quad-core Exynos processor, it only manages to have a ‘mere’ 1 gig of RAM. Conversely, the North American LTE variants feature ‘only’ a dual-core Snapdragon processor, but features an ample 2GB of RAM. Samsung plans on combining both variants for the Korean shorelines only and making a special model which features the hyper-fast Exynos processor and an LTE modem stuffed inside. According to the gang at The Verge, the LTE modem is not built-in to the Exynos chip— but rather the LTE modem is completely separate from the processor, which helps to explain how this is possible. In addition, reports are indicating the smartphone has added minimal girth as it’s grown to 9mm in thickness.

If all holds up, Sammy is positioned to release the world’s first quad-core LTE smartphone… though LG might have something to say about that. All in all— as exciting as this certainly is, it definitely begs the question: when can those outside of Korea expect a quad-core LTE smartphone?

source: The Verge

Specs of the Google Nexus Tablet leak ahead of Google I/O announcement

There might be many things we are expecting or at least hoping for at this week’s Google I/O, but one thing we will be absolutely shocked if we hear nothing about is the upcoming Nexus Tablet. All the rumors have indicated that it’s made by ASUS, will include a Tegra 3, be 7-inches, and be on the cheap. Well Gizmodo Australia got a hold of some training material for the device and has confirmed the specs. There really isn’t anything surprising or earth shattering here. It’s expect to be available in Australia sometime in July so I think it’s safe to assume everywhere else will get it around the same time. As far as price goes, it’s supposed to be $199 for the 8GB version and $249 for the 16GB version. The only question left is will it sell like hotcakes? Don’t forget, our own Stacy Bruce will be there getting all the juicy details so stay tuned. Hit the break for the full specs.

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Official Wimbledon App Comes To Play Store, Brings Live Radio And More

Wimbledon 2012, the prestigious worldwide tennis tournament, starts tomorrow, June 25th and lasts until July 8th. Tennis fans with Android phones can now download the official Wimbledon app from the Play Store for free. The app is loaded with features, from schedules and player profiles, to live commentary radio and highlight reels.

Check out the full list of features, screen shots, and download link after the break.

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Official pictures of the T-Mobile branded Galaxy Note surface

After some speculation surrounding the unofficial pictures of a T-Mobile branded Galaxy Note, the CellPhone Signal team seem to have come across some pictures of what appears to be just that. Not much has been released in the way of specs, but so far Navy Blue has been mentioned as a colour, the phone will run ICS (to the annoyance of current AT&T Note owners no doubt) and feature HSPA+. What’s of note here is that the T-Mobile Galaxy Note should work on AT&T after a SIM unlock without the requirement of root.

There was also the mention of July 11th, so expect to hear more soon.

source: CellPhone Signal
via: Android Central 

Judge Dismisses Apple vs. Motorola Patent Case… Again

The case of Apple v. Motorola has been effectively dismissed in its entirety in US Federal Court by Judge Richard Posner on Friday. The case has been going on since 2010 and had already been reduced to Apple claiming four patent violations by Motorola, and Moto claiming one against Apple.

Posner had previously dismissed the case, at least tentatively, with one more chance given to both parties to make their case. Apparently, both sides failed to prove damages so Posner ruled that an injunction against the sale of any products is unwarranted. This is great news, especially for Motorola who was in the weaker position.

Hit the break for quotes from the ruling and a link to the full document.

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Samsung Patent Filing Shows New Folder Interactions For Android

Samsung has submitted a patent application with the USPTO late last year for a different method of handling folders in Android. This was done presumably to get around Apple’s folder paradigm and avoid future lawsuits, as well as to provide a cool interaction that differentiates themselves from other Android UI’s.

Sammy’s application shows folders stacked like playing cards which can be pulled open accordion-style with a quick drag of the finger. They can also be expanded and collapsed by a single finger tap with a vertical scrolling function. The creation of the card stacks is done by dragging one icon onto another, just like the current Ice Cream Sandwich folder creation method.

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