Google Gesture Search update gets multilingual


Continuing with a batch of Google Android app updates today, like Google+ and Google Music, Google’s Gesture Search app also received a major update. The new version adds support for 40+ languages, although no list of exactly which languages are now supported is readily available. The app lets users draw letters or numbers on the screen and as they do so, the app starts searching through contacts, bookmarks, music, and other information to help the user find the information for which they are searching. With the addition of new languages, users can now write in their native language. This includes languages like Chinese and their extensive characters. Google indicates the app supports the entry of Pinyin initials to find results in traditional Chinese. Gesture Search also supports transliteration between all of the supported languages so a search written out in one language should yield results from other languages.

If you want to check out the free app, you can download it using one of the apps below. You may find it to be a useful way to conduct a device-wide search.

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EU committee investigates Google’s alleged anticompetitive tactics to boost Android’s market share


Just as the European Commission’s investigation into Google’s search engine wraps up, the European Union’s antitrust watchdog is reportedly investigating claims that Google used anticompetitive tactics improve Android’s market share.

According to allegations from Microsoft and Nokia, Google has been licensing their Android operating system to manufacturers below cost, making them the obvious choice for device manufacturers over competing operating systems. Google is also being accused of requesting manufacturers to cancel and/or delay the launch of devices running competing operating systems. Read more

Sony now allowing 3rd party firmware for their SmartWatch platform


Lately Sony has been very “developer friendly” with their Android devices such as the Xperia Z, and that trend won’t stop as Sony recently fully opened up their SmartWatch platform to all developers. Per Sony:

We are now taking the next step to open up SmartWatch. Previously, you’ve been able to create apps for SmartWatch with the Sony Add-on SDK, but now we hope to see even more innovation as we’re making it possible for advanced developers to create and flash alternative firmware, by sharing technical details and instructions.

Doing so does come with some limitations as you will no longer be able to use SmartConnect or any compatible SmartWatch app that’s available in the Google Play Store. So keep that in mind. For more info, hit the source link!

source: Sony

Be part of Chrome’s latest experiment with Cube Slam


Google sure loves to give their users that good old nostalgic feeling pretty often don’t they? This time it’s classic Pong in the form of Cube Slam. The Chrome team always finds nice and fun ways to have their users test out Chrome with these fun old-style games. The game can use your webcam to take a picture and can be used as your avatar/backdrop and vise-versa if you’re playing against a friend. Controls are simple as it’s just classic Pong. Hit the break for a video and let us know your experience with it.

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Google Music app updated and brings forth some nice improvements


Google has updated their Google Music app and brings forth some great improvements for their All Access users. One of my main gripes about All Access was how ridiculously long it took for songs to be downloaded onto your device no matter what the connection speed was. Thankfully Google has fixed that and songs, even albums, are downloading at a much faster and more dependable rate.

Another problem a lot of people were having is that music streaming using All Access was taking up a lot of their bandwidth, and it looks like Google is trying to fix that problem as this update ensures less data usage. Along with this update are improvements to the search function and overall speed of the app.

How are you enjoying All Access? With the 30 day trial soon ending for the early adopters (such as myself), will you be continuing your subscription or will you be cancelling it and use something else like Spotify? Let me know in the comment section! Links to the app after the break!

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Google+ app for Android receives a fairly huge update


Today Google updated their Google+ app for Android and gave it some pretty cool new features. First off, notifications are now systemwide, thus when you swipe away a notification or access it, it won’t be repeated on another device that you may own. I know how annoying that can get for some. They’ve also changed the look of notifications by giving you a bell icon if there’s a new notification that needs to be attended to. Along with the update is also a revamped notification tray to match Google’s other apps. For a complete changelog, hit the break!

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Leaked images of Samsung’s Galaxy NX Android Camera surface


Yesterday we posted that Samsung’s own CEO confirmed the existence of a mirrorless Galaxy Camera 2 that will be unveiled on June 20th. Much to my surprise, it looks like Samsung isn’t done  as several leaked photos of another camera has surfaced. This one is called the Samsung Galaxy NX and is rumored to have a APS-C 20.3 Megapixel sensor, 1080p HD recording, a 4.8” HD display with Samsung’s Exynos 4 Quad-Core processor, 2GB of RAM and options of 8 or 16 GB’s of internal storage. Definitely high end specs for a camera.

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More screenshots of HTC’s Butterfly S; Will feature front speakers with “BoomSound”


More screenshots of HTC’s upcoming Butterfly S device have surfaced and confirms that the all popular “BoomSound” feature will be on the device. While nothing else is rumored about the phone, we should expect it to have at least a 5-inch screen considering the first Butterfly was just that. We can also expect the Butterfly S to have the same features as it’s HTC One brother with the likes of BlinkFeed, an Ultra pixel camera, and Sense 5.0. As for hardware, this device will most likely don the Snapdragon 600 processor along with 2GB’s of RAM.

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Featured Android Game Review: Dawn of the Dragons [Arcade & Action]


5th Planet Games recently released Dawn of the Dragons on Android, which is the hit RPG from Kongregate, Facebook, and Armor Games. The game was originally released in 2010, and is one of the most popular social RPG of all time when you consider 3 million people have played the game in over 100 million sessions. The mobile version launched on iOS earlier in the year and it finally made its way to the Play Store.

Dawn of the Dragons is set in the ancient Kingdom of West Kruna. There are a lot of honest and hardworking people there, but unfortunately it has been invaded by bestial dragons looking to steal their land. This is where you come in. You will need to complete a series of quests, raids, and other challenges to fight off the dragons, monsters, werewolves and giants. You will be able to band together with others, but you can also compete in player-versus-player battles. This social aspect is what makes Dawn of the Dragons very appealing.

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Best Android apps for monitoring data usage [June 2013]


Data caps are a hard reality for many customers on a majority of carriers, and managing that data usage can be tricky. Even on prepaid plans, hard and soft data caps are put in place for carriers to make a bit of extra money ensure their network is optimized for all of their customers. Unless you don’t mind facing ridiculous overage charges or buying top up cards six times a month, keeping up with how your data is used is important for any smartphone user. In this guide we’re going to go over a handful of apps that do a great job of giving you an easy way to track your data usage and keep you from going over your limit. Head on past the break to get started.

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