How to enable NFC on the Samsung Galaxy S II

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S II phone that is running a custom Jelly Bean ROM, you have probably noticed that you do not have NFC capabilities on your device. If you would like to restore that functionality, we have good news – XDA Senior Member jthatch12 has created a hack.

This will only work on phones that had the necessary NFC hardware built into the phone. The other requirement is that the phone is running Jelly Bean. Thus far users have confirmed success on i777 and M250k/M250s devices. The hack should work on:

  • i9100 = NO
  • i9100P = YES (it’s an i9100 exactly, but with NFC. ROMs for i9100 will work, but need to be modified to show NFC settings, otherwise no NFC options will show)
  • i9100G = NO, it’s completely different from the i9100 hardware (TI-OMAP instead of Exynos). ROMs from i9100/P don’t work.
  • T989 (T-Mobile GS2) = YES, but it’s completely different from the i9100 hardware (Snapdragon S3 instead of Exynos). ROMs from i9100/P don’t work.
  • i777 (AT&T GS2) = YES, AOSP based roms have it but i9100 hellraised roms are missing it(due to NFC not being a feature of the i9100)
  • D710 (Sprint GS2) = NO

If you are interested in trying this hack out on your NFC equipped Galaxy S II, you just need to download the file from the XDA forum thread (use source link below) and then flash it onto your device from recovery mode.

source: XDA Developers Forum

About the Author: Jeff Causey

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    my mobile samsung galaxy s2 ,i installed the application which is given by XDA DEVELOPERS FORUM, for enabling nfc in the mobile.The application is installed but it is not working.Will you please guide me how to activate NFC in my mobile

    • reimilnakortiljavadnirajabalot

      What yu mus du is resit the gajet then downlod it agan.

  • thepilderskiunex

    I have the I9100 version FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

    • yonil

      Oh no im very sorry

  • neo

    hi…i have a samsung s2 korean version(shw m250s). I am using android 4.1.2. i have already downloaded the nfc enabler to my phone sd card..when i boot my phone in recovery mode and install the zip file, it starts well. then 1 get a message saying unable to verify signature. i let it for a moment then i reboot the phone but i don’t get nfc in settings. What can i do? please help me.

  • Shubham Joshi

    i have s2 i9100g

  • Ziyu

    My phn is i9100. Can i use nfc? Pls tell me friends

  • Person

    i9 100 T what should I do