How-To Develop Android Applications

android_ibig.pngOk, so you’ve read the Android FAQ, successfully managed to install the Android SDK and get it up and running, so now you’re finally ready to get building some Android applications.

Below you’ll find anumber of links to sites that will be of great use to you as you get to grips with the Android SDK and begin to work on creating your own applications for the platform.

Android applications are written using the Java programming language, you’ll also use a custom virtual machine (Dalvik) to run and tst your creations. Dalvik is designed for embedded use which runs on top of the Linux kernal.

Below you’ll find a number of links to sites that will be of great use to you as you get to grips with the Android SDK and begin to work on creating your own applications for the platform. Information on how to develop applications, references,in-depth documentation and code snippets can all be found as you work your way through the various guides and tutorials.

An early look at the the Android SDK is also included showing you sample projects , source code, development tools, an emulator and all the libraries you’ll need to build your Android app.

Getting Started With Android

This starter module will guide you through everything you need to know about making your first steps into developing for the platform. Talking you through the anatomy of the applications, development tools and getting you started on your first ‘Hello World’ project.

Developing Android Applications

Android applications can be developed using the same tools used to develop Java applications. Android’s core libraries will provide you with the functions needed to build high quality rich mobile apps whilst providing you with development tools to make debugging, running and testing your applications much easier.

This module will guide you though the development proces, outlining the core philosphy behind the Android system and going over the key sections in good detail.

Developer Toolbox

The developer toolbox module will walk you through how to write code that makes the most of the android systems features, allowing you to create custom components and really get to grips with the many API’s at your disposal.

Reference Information

As you would imagine this module is made up of a good collection of reference material specificaly related to developing android applications. Details of the application framework and documentationfor the android core libraries are covered in full.

Sample Code

A selection of sample code projects for Android Applications, API demos, Lunar Lander and Notepad.

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    Ok, so you’ve read the Android FAQ, successfully managed to install the Android SDK

    See the very top of this page for the links.

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  • yasosan

    what softwares are need to install in pc for android application?

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    Android’s core libraries provides you with the functions required to build top quality wealthy mobile applications although supplying you with development tools to create debugging, running and testing your programs much simpler.

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