The rumored Google carrier service leaks, service comes complete with pay-per-GB and refunds for unused data


In the beginning of 2015, rumors began to swirl that Google was flirting with the idea of becoming a mobile carrier, later confirmed by Googler Sundar Pichai. That said service would run on Sprint’s network and possibly on T-Mobile’s as well. Possibly under the guise of Google LTE-A, little was known about the service. Well today that changes because a leaked app from a recent Nexus 6 image, gives us an inside look at what we could expect from the search giant’s network.

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Huawei Releases Trailer for Honor 4X Mid-Range Phone


Huawei has released an intense, bombastic trailer for its freshly announced Honor 4x mid-range smartphone that harkens back to The Last Starfighter and Battlefield Earth. Or those promos that run before the start of a film at an AMC theater with those weird, red spherical robots. You may think you’ve seen every possible way of promoting a phone, but you were wrong. Huawei is right.

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The USPTO awards patent D726,140 to LG for a foldable smartphone-watch mash-up


With the recent release of its Flex and Flex  2 smartphones, LG has advanced the field of flexible devices. It seems that the Korean company is looking further down the line though, according to patent D0726,140 that was awarded to it by the United States Patent and Trademark office last week. This new patent shows a design for a foldable smartphone-watch mash-up.

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Site lists LG G4 features and images, then gets taken down


A site full of information about the LG G4 went live earlier today, and although it’s been taken down, it revealed quite a bit about the device.

One of the most important things detailed was what LG was planning on doing with the leather, and it looks like they’ll be offering some leather versions of the phone. The design takes a cue from what Motorola has been doing with the leather-backed versions of the Moto X, but the G4 definitely has LG’s own unique style to it.  Read more

Samsung on track to bring UHD, dual-edge Galaxy Note 5 to the masses in 2015



In November of last year, Talk Android reported that the ball was already moving on squeezing over 700ppi into the Note 5’s AMOLED screen. A year before that, Samsung unveiled a roadmap during its Analyst Day to illustrate its ambitions for screen resolution advances in their devices, and projected that in 2015 at least one of its products would support UHD (4K).

Now, according to a recent leak provided to Phone Arena, it appears that Samsung is gearing up to begin production of a UHD Galaxy Note 5 with a whopping 748ppi! Not stopping there, the leaker indicates that there will also be a dual-edge variant of the device (though that’s not that surprising) with a bump up to 762ppi. Read more

New render of Sony Xperia Z4 leaked


The Xperia Z4 continues to leak like a sieve. Today we have a press render, which really doesn’t reveal all that much more than what we have seen from previous leaks. However, if you’re a Sony Xperia fan, this just might get your blood pumping.

I am still wondering when Sony will announce this phone. There are no major events until IFA, which is in September. Sony traditionally likes to announce their mobile devices at these types of events. Could they host a special event on their own for the Z4?

source: @OnLeaks

Samsung adding new smartphones to Galaxy J series


While the world braces for Samsung’s latest devices in their top-tier S series of devices to land in consumers’ hands this week, new information has surfaced about some forthcoming devices at the other end of the spectrum of Samsung’s portfolio. At the budget end, Samsung is working on the J series of devices and earlier this year released the Galaxy J1. Sources indicate Samsung has two new devices to join the J series, the Galaxy J5 and the Galaxy J7. Read more