Rumored specs for LG G5 point to custom camera sensor


The fall 2015 season is just rolling around along with a host of new phones hitting the market or about to be announced for the upcoming holiday shopping season. However, the rumor mill is firmly focused on next year’s flagship devices. One of those will surely be the LG G5 and sources are now sharing some early information about specs for LG’s next high end device. Read more

Here is another picture of the LG V10 and its multiple displays


Earlier today, another image of the upcoming LG V10 was shared online. The new image (seen above) does confirm that the handset will indeed have two displays. The main display, which is allegedly 5.7 inches, is paired with a ticker above it alongside the front-facing camera(s). This ticker offers quick access to apps and will likely show previews to select notifications. And notice that there seems to be two cameras on the front of the V10. We’ll have to wait and see how LG explains that.

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Samsung to offer phone lease, upgrade plans


As wireless carriers move away from two-year contracts to subsidize smartphones, leases are becoming a popular option to help consumers avoid large cash layouts for outright purchases. Many carriers have been creating lease programs that incorporate some early upgrade features to help consumers get their new devices. Seeing all of the activity in this space, smartphone manufacturers are starting to introduce their own options to sell direct to consumers. Recent reports indicate Samsung is the latest to join this march. Read more