New set of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 images leak

The latest leak involving the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are made up of several pictures captured of the device as opposed to renders. In a series of images posted by we get some good looks at the front and back of the new device along with the S Pen. For Samsung, the leak appears to be unwelcome as the original post has been taken down despite the images already spreading out on the Internet.

Slides revealing Samsung Galaxy S8 Active specs leaked

Samsung and AT&T must be getting close to launching the Galaxy S8 Active, a rugged version of the flagship Galaxy S8 that follows in the footsteps of similar offerings from AT&T. Apparently Samsung or AT&T has started the process of preparing people to be able to explain the features of this new variant and they prepared some slides for this purpose. Where there are slides there is a good chance a camera will be present along with someone willing to post what they capture to social media. That has happened in the case of this latest leak giving us an early peek at the specs for the new Galaxy S8 Active.