Get the summertime Lifeguard and Diver collectibles while supplies last


Summer is in full throttle and there is no better way to commemorate it than with the latest Android figurines from Andrew Bell and Dead Zebra. This set, titled Android Mini Summer 2015, includes two Android figurines that both entail staples of the season. It comes with the Lifeguard and Diver, each with their own unique features. The Lifeguard has a whistle accessory and the Diver has a shark fin accessory.

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Samsung and Apple in advanced talks to join e-SIM launch


One of the things we do when we get a new smartphone is to check whether it will accept the SIM card used in the previous device. Current SIM cards are ‘locked’ to a specific carrier and sometimes a different sized SIM card than previously used is required by the new device. Those requirements could become unnecessary when the e-SIM becomes available in the relative near future though.

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Motorola may expand the Moto Maker club to include the upcoming Moto G (2015)


One of the great things about the Android operating system is being able to customize the software to our hearts content. There is absolutely no reason the layout on any two phones should appear the same unless it’s by design. Motorola offered even more freedom of choice when it released its Moto Maker customization tool allowing Moto X owners to customize their phones on the outside as well. Now it seems that Motorola is getting ready to expand Moto Maker to cover the upcoming Moto G (2015 edition).   Read more

The next Android Wear update brings interactive watch faces, watch to watch messaging and more


The Android Wear platform has been around for over a year now, and although it has come a long way since launching with the LG G Watch and Moto 360, we are looking forward to seeing it evolve even more. The next Android Wear update was originally scheduled to be released on July 28th, but this has now been postponed to an unspecified date in August. This doesn’t mean that we have to wait to find out about some of the alleged new features though.

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The MicFlip is a fully reversible MicroUSB cable

MicFlip USB

Have you ever tried connecting your Android phone or tablet to the charger cable in the middle of the night without switching the bedside lamp on? It’s a pain, right? You almost always end up turning the light on so you can turn the cable the right way to fit the slot. There is a solution though, in the form of the fully reversible MicFlip MicroUSB cable that is currently the subject of a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo.

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