Giveaway: Win a Moto Z Force case from Speck!


Own a Moto Z Force? It’s one of the year’s most popular phones, and it’s the first real showing of Lenovo is capable of with a mainstream device. People love this phone because of the premium build and high-end specifications. With everything you can ask for in terms of performance housed inside of a metal and glass body, the Moto Z Force is immediately among the best of the best in the world.

We’re hosting a giveaway featuring two Moto Z Force cases made by Speck that you can win to keep your device stylish while protected.

Google announces cloud-based whiteboard called Jamboard


Lately Google has been making several moves to position itself and its services to be an even bigger player in the enterprise market. The Google Apps for Work platform was rebranded as G Suite and gained some enhancements. Now the company is bringing a combination of hardware and software to the table in the form of an electronic whiteboard tied to the cloud called Jamboard.

Smartwatch vendors reportedly shipped 51.6% fewer units in Q3 2016


With many on the fence as to the usefulness of smartwatches, it seems that this skepticism, as well as a lack of new models, is impacting on the sales of smartwatches, with the news that sales are reportedly on the decline. According to the IDC (International Data Corporation), the number of units shipped has dropped by 51.6% in the third quarter of 2016. 

Giveaway: Win a Ugreen Wireless Charging Pad!


It’s been a couple of weeks since our last giveaway, but we’re heading into a very giving time of the year and want our readers to know we’re always thinking of them. So here we are, back again with a new giveaway.

This giveaway’s prize is the Ugreen Wireless Charging Pad, a sleek wireless alternative to charging compatible with all devices that support the Qi standard.

Leaked images provide proof-of-life for HTC’s Halfbeak Android Wear smartwatch

HTC has long been rumored to be developing a smartwatch with the codename Halfbeak based on Google’s Android Wear platform, in tandem with Under Armour. It’s been rumored for so long, in fact, that for a while it seemed that we had more chance of seeing unicorns roam freely in the streets than the Halfbeak being announced. Today’s leaked images of the Halfbeak smartwatch at least prove the existence of the device, although it’s still unknown if it will launch anytime soon.

Google upgrades VR experience with the Daydream View


Google has been dabbling in the VR world for a while now thanks to their Cardboard platform. At their big reveal event today, Google took the wraps off their new Daydream View device, the next evolution in virtual reality for the company. The Daydream View is a step up for Google and is part of their effort to make the Daydream platform and ecosystem into a tangible commercial product for the masses.

Moto Mods Development Kit announced


This past summer saw two smartphone manufacturers try to incorporate some modular concepts into their flagship phones with LG and Lenovo employing the strategy. In the case of LG, the implementation of modules was fairly slick for the LG G5, but the company dropped the ball on items like availability, pricing and building an ecosystem. Hoping to avoid that same fate, Lenovo has announced the availability of a development kit geared toward enabling anyone to create a Moto Mod that will work on a Moto Z device.