Android 5.0.1 fixes a factory reset bug for Nexus devices and a video playback issue on the Nexus 7 2013 (WiFi)


Android 5.0.1 was pushed to AOSP last night with factory images posted for the Nexus 7 2013 (WiFi), Nexus 9 (WiFi), and Nexus 10. We are sure this update fixes a slew of bugs, but a couple of notable ones include a factory reset bug as well as a video playback issue on the Nexus 7.

The factory reset bug involves the lock screen in that it could automatically trigger a factory reset. As you might know, if you have a security lock screen, you can configure it to wipe the device after a certain amount of failed attempts. The initial Lollipop update had a bug in that just tapping the device was recorded as a failure when utilizing the Pattern unlock method. This is an unlikely situation for most people, but nobody wants to reset their device accidentally.

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Samsung explains how difficult it was to bring the Gear S to market


The Gear S is an interesting smartwatch to say the least. It has a curved super AMOLED display, and features 3G/2G connectivity, not to mention a full QWERTY keyboard. Packing all of this into a smartwatch wasn’t easy as Samsung explains.

The obvious factor here is that smartwatches are a lot smaller than smartphones so you can imagine trying to fit extra components in it. 3G/2G connectivity isn’t something that you see on other smartwatches, but Samsung wanted to be the first. Who cares if you really need it or not! Anyways, Samsung explains that they needed to use their own relay server to facilitate forwarding notifications from smartphones to the Gear S.

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Samsung shakes up mobile division after disappointing Galaxy S 5 sales


Samsung has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success through marketing and the fact that they offered larger displays before anyone else. Now that Apple has finally given the iPhone a respectable display, and other manufacturers are cutting prices, things haven’t been so wonderful for the Korean giant. It was reported last week that sales of the Galaxy S 5 fell short by as much as 40%, so it can’t be surprising that Samsung is shaking things up with the management team.

Out are Lee Don-joo, who was the chief of the mobile business unit’s strategic marketing office, Kim Jae-kwon, chief of the global operations office, and Lee Chul-hwan, who headed the mobile R&D office. Interestingly enough, mobile chief JK Shin will retain his job based on his past contributions of helping Samsung to become the global mobile market share leader.

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Nexus 9 with LTE could be released on December 4th


The Nexus 9 with LTE was announced at the same time as the WiFi version, but no release date was given, other than “later this year.” According to Swedish site, they will be getting stock in on December 4 and will start to fulfill pre-orders.

Still no official word from Google, but we have to be pretty close now that product is starting to roll.

source: reddit

[Cyber Monday Deal] Grab Fire TV from Amazon for $69


If you’re looking for a gift idea or you have just been waiting for the right deal on the Amazon Fire TV for yourself, today is your lucky day. Amazon will offer it for only $69, which is a $30 savings. Fire TV will not only bring you Prime Instant Video, but you will also get other popular apps like Netflix, Plex, Hulu Plus, WatchESPN, and a bunch of games on your big screen TV.

This deal isn’t live yet, but according to their press release, it will take place “this afternoon.” Unfortunately we don’t even know how long the deal will last. We have the order link below, so keep checking all day.

source: Amazon Fire TV

New version of Google Glass with Intel inside coming in 2015


No Google Glass isn’t dead yet. It might take a while (if ever) to become a mainstream consumer device, but there is still a huge need at the enterprise level. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google will unveil an updated version of Glass with Intel inside, which replaces the current version’s Texas Instruments chip.

Google will also concentrate their efforts at the enterprise level with the new Glass at Work program. There is an obvious need in the medical field, as well as manufacturing and construction. Google Glass can provide information to those that are working with their hands and don’t have time to fumble around with a tablet or a smartphone. Software developers like Augmedix, Inc and APX Labs LLC are helping to bring Glass to these types of professions.

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New images show off upcoming Samsung TouchWiz Themes


Last week we got a glimpse of Samsung’s new theme capabilities that are likely coming with the next version of TouchWiz. More images surfaced giving us a better idea of what Samsung is cooking up.

To get to the Theme options, users will need to long press on a home screen or go to the Display and Wallpaper section in the Settings menu. You can also see that five Themes are offered: Samsung Basic, Natural, Craft, Sweet, and another that we can’t see the name of.

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Chromebooks now more popular than iPads in U.S. schools


For the first time ever, Chromebooks surpassed iPad sales to U.S. schools. According to IDC, 715,000 Chromebooks were sold to U.S. schools in the 3rd quarter as opposed to 702,000 iPads for the same period. It might not be by much, but the spread is likely to grow.

It’s obvious the lower costs that Chromebooks enjoy is a big factor. Schools can buy Chromebooks for as low as $199 vs the iPad Air, which runs $379 after educational discounts. Let’s also not forget the full keyboard that makes things a lot easier. Last but not least, Chromebooks are easier to manage.

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OnePlus One owners claiming they received a refurbished device instead of a new one

never_settle_for_refurbishedOther than the price of the OnePlus one, is there anything OnePlus has done right? From crappy promotions to poor customer support, you soon realize that you get what you pay for.

This next debacle is something we don’t have first hand experience of, but many new OnePlus owners are saying they received a refurbished unit instead of a brand new one. One owner said,  “I believe my first one was refurbished/used as well. Dings and other people’s desk photos upon recovery. Tried to RMA took them a month to approve it and then another 3 weeks to send me details of return. Sold the phone by then.”

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