Lucky T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Edge user gets updated to Android 5.1.1


We just heard that Samsung is bringing Guest Mode to the Android 5.1 update, and now it’s rolling already? One user over at XDA is reporting that his T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Edge received the Android 5.1.1 update.

I don’t think this means that it’s officially rolling out, but it does mean that it’s being tested which is a good thing. It’s more than likely that it’s pure luck that his device received it. There could be others, but who knows if they even read tech blogs.

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Windows 10 will be able to run Android and iOS apps


Microsoft might finally be throwing in the towel, but in a smart way. The app scene for Windows has continued to be dismal at best. With roughly 90% of the market cornered by Android and iOS, developers see no need to put their resources into Windows until it shows significant growth.

Microsoft knows this and that is why they have announced something pretty significant with Windows 10. They released two development kits which will allow developers to port their apps and games to Windows universal apps. Android developers will be able to use Java and C++ code on Windows 10 and iOS developers will use their existing Objective C code.

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Google might offer a new Nexus 5 that supports Project Fi


Google announced Project Fi last week, which will bring down your cell phone costs considerably. The only catch is that it only works with one phone, the Nexus 6. A decent phone, but it’s too big for a lot of people.

We can only assume that future Nexus phones will also support it too. It has already been rumored that Google will offer not one, but two Nexus phones this year. Huawei and LG seem to be the likely suspects. It’s also likely that Google will end up calling these devices the Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 since there is nowhere to go with the current naming scheme. The Nexus 5 refers to a 5-inch display, while the Nexus 6 refers to a 6-inch display. And they can’t call either device a Nexus 7 for obvious reasons.

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Disney Infinity: Toy Box 2.0 comes to Android bringing 60 of your favorite Marvel and Disney characters in tow


Disney released the Disney Infinity: Toy Box 2.0 app to Google Play yesterday, which will make a lot of Infinity users very happy. Toy Box 2.0 brings over 60 characters from the Marvel and Disney franchises. These include Avengers, Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy. Elsa & Anna from Frozen, Hiro & Baymax from Big Hero 6, Merida from Brave, Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters Inc, and more.

Toy Box 2.0 will let you try 3 characters for free, even if you don’t own any Infinity characters. You can also build toy boxes faster, customize the interiors, and play with friends online.

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LG Watch Urbane now available at AT&T


The LG Watch Urbane is already available from Google and Verizon Wireless, and now it’s available at AT&T. For starters, it’s only available online, but it will hit stores on May 15.

Unfortunately, just like Verizon Wireless, AT&T is only offering the Silver option. The price is the same as Google and Verizon, which is $349. However, the best deal might be Verizon since they are offering Free two day shipping, while Google and AT&T only offer standard shipping for Free.

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source: AT&T

Google Play Services version 7.3 SDK now available, brings Google Fit enhancements and ability to connect multiple Android Wear watches to one device


Google has been updating all Android devices to Google Play Services 7.3, and they just announced the roll out has been completed. What does it bring to the table?

As we learned last week, Android Wear has a pretty big update and Google Play Services 7.3 plays a big role in that. It allows you to connect more than one Android Watch to your device. The Capability API is new, which allows apps to communicate different things to devices with different features. The Channel API is also new, which creates a bidirectional data connection between nodes for the transfer of larger binary files.

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LG Watch Urbane now available at Verizon Wireless


As expected, Verizon Wireless has now made the LG Watch Urbane available for $349, which is the same price as the Google Store. From what we can tell, it appears to be online only. Unfortunately the gold version isn’t showing, but that might change over the next few hours.

Two day shipping is also free, which is better than what the Google Store if offering. Even better, Verizon is shipping now so you will get your watch even sooner. Google is showing May 8th for shipping at of the time of this post.

Are you ordering one?

source: Verizon Wireless (Silver)

Win 1 of 5 Huawei TalkBand B2 fitness bands courtesy of Huawei Device USA and Talk Android [Updated With Winners]


Huawei is going after the wearable market with full force. They announced the Huawei Watch and TalkBand B2 last month at Mobile World Congress, which has created a tremendous amount of excitement in the smartwatch and wearable community. Huwaei was generous enough to give us not one, but five TalkBand B2 wearable fitness bands to give away before it’s actually released.

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I thought the ‘S’ in ‘Galaxy S’ stood for ‘Samsung’, but it doesn’t


Recent we heard how HTC came up with the “M” naming scheme and why the latest HTC One is the “M9“. Now it’s time to learn about the Samsung Galaxy S. Actually this is nothing new as it was actually reported in a 2011 press release that Phone Arena dug up, but I guess we all forgot about it or we didn’t pay attention to it at the time.

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Create your own Flappy Bird clone with Flappy Creator


Remember Flappy Bird? How can anyone forget that stupid simple game that was so hard and got so popular that even the developer couldn’t handle it.

Although not as popular now, there is still a lot of interest in the game because there has been so many clones. When it comes down to it, it’s really the game play right? Well a new site called Flappy Creator allows you to create your own Flappy Bird style game with your own graphics that you can cook up in something like Photo Shop.

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