[New Android Wear App] Wear Charging Widget shows you relevent info while your watch is charging


One thing Motorola got right on the Moto 360 was the clock display when charging the device. It’s one thing that I missed greatly when I switched to the G Watch R. Now owners of all Android Wear smartwatches can enjoy the same thing with Wear Charging Widget.

Wear Charging Widget will automatically turn on when you charge your Android Wear watch. It looks very much like what displays on the Moto 360, but it adds the date and weather information, and it can be customized to an extent. The widget shows the current time, date, weather, and the battery charge. It even has that Moto 360-like round circle, giving you a visual of how much the watch has been charged.

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A little sandpaper can magically transform your LG G Watch R into a G Watch Urbane


When LG announced the Watch Urbane yesterday, many G Watch R owners looked at their current watch and probably said to themselves, “Damn, I have to buy a new watch now.” Well actually you might not. If you consider yourself a DIY person, you might be able to get that Urbane look by the end of the day while everyone else waits drooling for the official release.

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LG is developing a new high-end processor for mobile phones


We have heard many a rumor that LG has been working on their own processors for mobile phones. The last we heard about it was a report in September claiming the processor known as “Odin” was ready for a release this year.

It’s possible that particular version of the processor was scrapped because a new report from the same source states that LG was working on an octa-core featuring Cortex-A57 and Cortex-A53 cores, but it’s now scrapped due to overheating issues. Where have we heard that one before?

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Mid-range version of the HTC One (M8) on the way


HTC might be just about to unveil the HTC One (M9) and possibly the One (M9) Plus in a couple of weeks, but they are also readying a variant of last year’s flagship. The HTC One M8i appears to be just like the One (M8) in terms of appearance and weight, but there will be some differences under the hood.

It sports the same 5-inch 1080p display, but the processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615, which includes 2 sets of Cortex-A53 quad cores (1.7 GHz and 1.0 GHz). It will also come with 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage, microSD slot for expanded storage, Duo Camera at the back (13 MP and 2 MP), 5 MP front-facing camera, less than 3,000 mAh battery, BoomSound, and Android 5.0 with Sense 7.0.

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[Deal] Best Buy has the Dell Venue 8 7000 for $369 plus get 1 year of Office 365 for Free


If you have had your eye on the Dell Venue 8 7000, now might be a good chance to grab one. Best Buy has it on sale for $369.99 ($30 off), plus they are giving you a bonus. That would be 1 year of Microsoft Office 365 Personal, which is a $69.99 value. On top of all this, they are including Free shipping.

The Office 365 subscription will include one PC or Mac plus one iPad or Select Windows Tablet. I am hoping they failed to mention Android in the notes since Microsfot Office is now available on Android tablets.

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Samsung Exynos 7 Octa SoC with 14nm FinFET technology now ready for mass production

Samsung_Exynos_7_Octa_01Samsung announced earlier today that a new Exynos 7 Octa chip is now ready for mass production. It’s the first processor using 14nm FinFET technology. 14nm is much better than the current 20nm offering, and it boosts performance by 20% and power by 35%.

The performance is the key here since this is likely the chip that will power the upcoming Galaxy S 6. the S6 will sport a smaller battery than the S5 (2,600 vs 2,800 mAh), but hopefully the FinFET technology will ensure no drop in battery life.

The new chip is also 64-bit and is an octa-core.

source: Samsung

Galaxy S 6 could sport a smaller battery than the Galaxy S 5

Samsung_Galaxy_S_5_Battery_01The Galaxy S 6 will most likely be a lot thinner than the Galaxy S 5, but one major downside could be the battery. Not only will it be non-removable, it actually might be smaller than its predecessor.

One would think that Samsung could fit the new Galaxy S 6 with at least the same size battery as the S5 since battery technology keeps evolving, but unfortunately that won’t be the case. It’s expected to come in at 2600 mAh as opposed to 2800 mAh on the S5, which is about 7% less.

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Mattel brings VR to the newest View-Master, based on Google Cardboard

Mattel_View-Master_Google_Cardboard_01Mattel and Google held a little event this morning in New York City, and as expected, they unveiled a new view-master. The first view-master was launched in 1940, and with over 200,000 reels released, it was one of the most popular toys for many years. But it wasn’t just a toy as it was also used to train pilots and doctors. Now it’s entering the virtual reality (VR) world.

When Mattel saw Google Cardboard, they knew it was the next generation of the view-master. Just like Google Cardboard, it will work with smartphones and whatever apps that are designed for it in the Play Store. Mattel will offer their own custom app as well. The new view-master will be compatible with Android at first, but support will come to iOS and Windows.

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