CPU Wars: NVIDIA questions Apple’s claim on the A5X vs the Tegra 3

Whenever Apple announces a new product, immediately the infographic comparisons and/or questions about what Apple said come out. Yesterday, Apple announced the new iPad 3, and we already showed you comparisons against the Galaxy Note 10.1 and the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity, but now NVIDIA is questioning Apple’s claim that their A5X processor is 4 times faster than the NVIDIA Tegra 3 in terms of graphics performance.

Ken Brown, a spokesman for NVIDIA thought it was “certainly flattering” that Apple called them out, but the lack of any data to backup their claim is “sketchy.” He went on to say, “We don’t have the benchmark information. We have to understand what the application was that was used. Was it one or a variety of applications? What drivers were used? There are so many issues to get into with benchmark.”

Since it’s highly unlikely Apple will provide any benchmarks, you can expect NVIDIA to prove or disprove Apple’s claims by purchasing the new iPad and conducting their own tests.

So what do you guys think? Is Apple right or are they playing their usual games?

source: zdnet


About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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  • http://about.me/joelinux Joey “JoeLinux” Espinosa

    I think there’s no way to know without Apple providing some references (as we’re all REQUIRED to do in school when we present something like this). This is nothing more than blind marketing, much like politics, and most people will eat it up. I’ll wait for nVidia to post a real paper with stats, references, and metrics used. Then I’ll believe it.

  • Greg Wirtz

    I find it even odder that they’re saying the standard A5 is 2x as fast as the Tegra 3…

    such round numbers…

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Wirtz, 2x and 4x.  Such round numbers, it looks like some intern put together a crappy fake excel graph for this.  The tegra 3 has 12 GPU cores, how many does the a5x have?