Samsung Galaxy S II hits 20 million sales landmark

There’s cause for celebration over at Samsung Headquarters today as the Korean giants announced that the critically acclaimed Galaxy SII has hit a whopping 20 million sales worldwide. Perhaps even more impressive is the time in which it has taken Samsung to reach these heady heights. It took just short of 3 months to hit 5 million sales, 5 months to hit 10 million and 9 months to hit this most recent milestone. Not bad for a device that didn’t have a universal, worldwide launch date.

The prestigious ‘Galaxy’ name has proven to be a real golden ticket for Samsung with sales of all Galaxy labelled devices totalling well over 40 million. The appeal of the Galaxy name shows no sign of slowing in momentum, only today Samsung registered 4 new suffixes to tag on to the end of future devices. With the Galaxy S III looking to be arguably the most hotly anticipated Android phone of all time the future is looking extremely bright for Samsung and the Galaxy range in particular.

Samsung’s recent announcement that the world won’t see the unveiling of the new flagship phone at the Mobile World Congress leads me to believe that Samsung are timing the launch of the new device to steal some of the thunder from Apple’s iPhone 5 launch. What say you readers? Does the Galaxy name have the momentum to go toe-to-toe with Apple’s next big release? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


source : samsungtomorrow




About the Author: Chris Stewart

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  • Justin Jacobs

    Unfortunately I don’t think that any android phone has what it takes to topple apple. Samsung is gaining ground and you have to give them credit for taking the fight to the big dog. The thing that is keeping android from being what it can be is that it is so spread out between makers and the different models that there is really no attention grabbing innovation. I know that android has come a long way but the general public cannot grasp the changes from galaxy S to galaxy S II for instance because the market is so flooded with various android devices that all look the same in their eyes. From working in the cellphone retail business I can see why apple has sales that they do. Remember when mp3s were becoming popular and you would look at the line up at the store and your eyes would instantly go to the iPod because that was the standard. It seems to me that Android was too late to the game and is now fighting an uphill battle. It has what it takes to be on top (we all know that), but the real difference is getting the word out better. There is just too much “static” in the android world for a huge change. Everyone needs one phone to get behind.

  • Anonymous

    Yes keep up the good work all you american fellow man and give all your money to another non-american company, that’s the spirit that this great country was created, do just like your car industry that you let Japan climb to the top, go ahead and cover your eyes on this one too…

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