Sony Releases Xperia SmartTags App in Android Market

We first reported about Sony’s SmartTags last month, and it looks as though the official SmartTag  app is now available in the Android Market. This is not currently all that useful since you need to have a set of SmartTags and a compatible NFC-enabled phone. Right now, Sony’s SmartTag site lists the Xperia S as the only compatible phone, though it seems it does work on a Nexus S (see the video below) and presumably on any NFC-capable device, such as the Galaxy Nexus.

YouTube Preview Image

The market page explains how SmartTags can be used:

You can trigger many things at once to start the exact behaviors you want on your NFC phone by reading Xperia™ SmartTags. For example, when you nudge a tag embedded with Bedroom scenario with your phone, the sound, Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi will be turned off at once. SmartTags have ready-to-use profiles each with a pre-defined set of actions. Profiles include Home, Car and Bedroom.

The concept could prove very useful when there are more NFC phones available. I can even envision SmartTags in public places, such as a restaurant, where scanning it with your phone could launch a coupon for a free dessert. Or maybe I’m just hungry. NFC folks, download the app from the market link or QR code below. I’m getting pie.

source: xperiablog
via: mobilesyrup

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