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White Galaxy Nexus Heading to Verizon?

You know that white international version of the Galaxy Nexus we have been seeing lately? Yeah that one, the white one. Well, apparently for you U.S. folks who are just dying to get your hands on an alabaster GNex, you just might be able to get one that works on Verizon’s blazing fast LTE network soon enough. You heard right, according to Droid Life they received word from some “friends” in the industry who say the 16GB version of the white Galaxy Nexus is slated to make a Big Red appearance in the near future.

Supposedly, Verizon’s white phone is going to be of the 16GB flavor only, no 32GB version for us here in the U.S..┬áIt is thought that the price will be around $199 to be on par with the 16GB version of the DROID RAZR, which makes sense. If it’s the price point you are excited about and not the color, you might be happy to hear that a 16GB silver/grey Galaxy Nexus will be joining up with Verizon alongside the white one. We will keep you posted as soon as we hear more.

source: droidlife

  • Anonymous

    I know some people that will be excited for the possibility of a lower entry point for the Nexus,  regardless of color.