CM9 is now available for the original Galaxy Tab

So any of you sporting the original Galaxy Tab have likely realized by now you’re never going to see an official ICS update. Don’t let it get you down though cause there’s an alternative that in all likely hood is even better. The Galaxy Tab is now supported by CyanogenMod 9. This device was added just recently so there are still some kinks, such as the camera not working; a typical omission at this stage in development. You’ll also have to build this one from source. If those aren’t hurdles for you check in at the XDA thread for full instructions.

By the way if you have a Galaxy Tab of the 10.1 variety, I have it on good authority that a certain kang of CM9 is a brilliant. You can check that one out here.

[via XDA]

  • UKAndroid

    Don’t writers know how to spell these days? 

    We know what you mean by “likely hood”  but ……….

  • P1010 Ten

    I”m guessing this isn’t going to work for the P1010?

  • stuknfrhcb

    Waiting for ics on kindle fire to go stable, but will run honeycomb 3.2 to get the best out of dual core, 7″, high res, stable, tab os, see ics quad cores on sale here in Australia. Soon they’ll be churning out cheap quad ics tabs sammmy, htc, asus, amazon, etc with the new A15 and graphics enjine architecture, someday gddr5 will arive on tabs at 5 times the speed of transformer prime’s ram. 64 bit and on chip java emulation will further speed our systems, looking foward to ics on my A2X4 x86 8 Gb ddr3 1.3°Ghz. Hspa wifi works well here, just updated Server 2008 to .net 4.