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Apple Files Another Lawsuit Against Samsung, This Time Targets Galaxy S II and Nine Handsets In German Court

In another turn of events with the never-ending drama between Apple and Samsung, Apple has decided to go on the offensive… again, this time in the Dusseldorf Regional Court in Germany. In this chapter, Apple is seeking to you guessed it— ban a total of 10 handsets, including the Samsung Galaxy S II.

The Cupertino giant isn’t stopping there either. Apple also started a separate suit against five Samsung tablet computer models related to a September ruling banning the Galaxy 10.1. All of this despite Samsung making changes to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 after the original German court ruling. It’s starting to get difficult to keep tabs on all of the various suits between the two companies. There’s always another twist to the heated fight, then another, then another… and then another

The new lawsuit is still developing, so stay tuned with Talk Android for any updates.

[via Bloomberg]

  • martin_tuazon

    hey apple. you just dont know when to quit, do you?

  • Dinesh Abraham

    they have given up on releasing good products :) and want to hold back others :) 

  • meherzaan daruwala

    fuckin LOSERS….make good products first and then win ppl’s heart…
    filing law suits is making u even more dumber..
    I guess APPLE like its fans are becoming technologically challenged