Verizon Announces That Both the LG Spectrum and Droid 4 Have Global Roaming Capabilities

If you are looking for a 4GLTE device on Verizon that has global capabilities you were very much out of luck. Today that all changes as Verizon told Phonescoop that both the DROID 4 and LG Spectrum are global roaming capable. They will run on Verizon’s 4G LTE network in the US and will be able to use global GSM networks when abroad. Other 4G LTE phones were not capable of global roaming due to “network issues.” As Brenda Raney, a Verizon spokeswoman told Phonescoop:

“The LTE phones work globally in over 40 countries that currently use CDMA technology…. For the new LTE phones to provide global roaming voice and data in non-CDMA countries, we are working on a few network enhancements so we can provide customers with the best voice and data roaming experience. We anticipate this capability to be available this year, likely the first half of the year.”

While it was leaked that the LG Spectrum might be the first 4G LTE phone with these capabilities nothing was announced for either that or the DROID 4. So with that, you will no longer have to be stuck with a 3G phone like the DROID 3 or DROID Incredible 2 if you are wanting global capabilities.

[via Phonescoop]

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  • Anonymous

    able to purchase SIM CARDS overseas, or is verizon keeping everything to it’self, making me pay more than necessary to roam? 

  • Harmeshoney

    can i use my droid bionic with the new straight talk sim cards?