Galaxy Nexus Gets Its Own 4G LTE Toggle Switch/Widget From Team BAMF

And the race to bring a 4G LTE toggle function to the Galaxy Nexus is well under way as Team BAMF emerges with the capability for the Galaxy Nexus device.  These are the same dev’s who brought you the toggle button for the HTC Thunderbolt.  Your device has to be rooted and it’s being touted that the function works well on most of the ROM’s available for the G-Nex.  Note that they’ve had some difficulties getting it to work properly on a stock rooted Nexus, so be cautious.  If you’re ready to check it out you can follow the simple instructions below.  

From the Developer:

This is a stand-alone Sense like LTE toggle based off of the one I wrote for the HTC Thunderbolt. It should work on any custom ROM as long as they are using the default signing keys. If it does not show installed after flashing, you will need the ROM developer to re-sign the apk with their keys for it to work.

This is in beta release right now. If there are any issues, let me know.


  • Do not use the menu accessed from *#*#4636#*#* (it’s not intended for use anyhow). This widget uses a mode that will crash that menu. You can use the one in Phone settings under Wireless and Networks instead.
  • Switching between network modes takes some time
  • Make sure you have an LTE signal when using the toggle else it may get stuck in LTE only mode (this will be remedied in a future release)
  • The widget is locked while the animation is on because it is in the middle of toggling

Change log:

v0.1 – 01/02/2012
– initial release


v0.1 –



[via BAMF]