Bell And Virgin Mobile Launch The Galaxy Nexus Today, U.S. Still Waits Patiently

Looks like everyone but the US is getting their sweaty palms on the Galaxy Nexus device.  Next on the list to receive the flagship device is Bell and Virgin Mobile, who’s now offering the device for $159 with a three year contract (ouch).  If you’re not looking for a contract both carriers are offering the device right out for $649.99.  If you’re on Rogers or Telus, be patient, as you’ll be receiving the device sometime early 2012.

[via Bell & Virgin]



  • Anonymous

    Is the phone offered from Bell locked?  Because it should just work on Rogers and Telus.

  • Tim Mark

    Yep, we Canadians bend over and take it with our 3-year contracts.  The ‘Big 3’ cell phone companies (Bell, Rogers and Telus) are all in cahoots with each other and don’t offer any real choice for us.  The only way around this is to go with one of the new, smaller companies (Wind, Mobilicity, Public Mobile) where coverage is sketchy and only really in large urban centers such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver etc.  It sucks!

  • Tim Mark

    BTW for those outside of Canada that don’t know, Bell owns Virgin Mobile and Solo, Rogers owns Fido and Telus owns Koodo, so even though it looks like we have a ton of mobile service providers, we actually only have 3 major ones that control everything.