Apple continues Antenna attacks, taking stabs at the Droid X

Apple is at it again this time focusing on the recently released Motorola Droid X. In this latest video from Apple they show the X loosing signal strength when held a certain way but if you look closely the person is squeezing the phone so tight his hand shakes. Also what interests me is that the background, which looks to be like an office, is so blurred out you cannot see any clues to what type of environment it is in.

For all we know it can be in a sealed building where they are using a signal booster like the one Verizon sells for customers in low coverage areas. Then on cue they could theoretically be turning off the signal to simulate loosing it naturally by holding the phone a certain way. Come on Apple go outside and show us the iPhone side by side with these devices in “Real” environments.

I for one don’t believe these videos until clearer ‘Proof’ is shown. I have smothered my Droid trying to re-create the signal loss and nothing I did ever made it drop off. Has any of you X users had this happen? Any other speculation on how they could be making the devices miraculously loose signal on command? I tell you one thing with all the time and money they have put into trying to push off the issue, they could have found a solution and fixed current handsets by now.

[via applerelated]

  • Mark Howell

    Anyone else find Apple childish?

  • Web

    I’ve said for a long time apple could @#$% in a box and be sold out within a week. Now it looks like they’ve done just that. They’ve been called out for having a sub par product and now they’re going to try and make up some fabrication about the droid x which is a superior product. I would know I’m leaving this comment on one. Let me check yup still got all four bars of 3g coverage something I never had with my last phone (iphone 3gs). Droid x is the most amazing phone i’ve ever seen. It will only get better once froyo arrives.

  • ari-free

    Go ahead Apple. You are creating lots of enemies this way.