Samsung Re-Releases Android 3.2 Update For Galaxy Tab 10.1, This Time Bug Free

Samsung Galaxy Tab Tab 10.1 owners have a reason to live again. After previously breaking owners’ hearts by pulling the previous 3.2 update because of many bugs, Samsung has finally corrected the issues and has rolled out the update again. All of you Galaxy Tab 10.1 owners make sure you get out and grab that update ASAP. One quick disclaimer– if you didn’t update your tablet originally, you will be able to download the update over the air. If you did download the original update, but ended up with a frazzled tablet, you will have to update your tablet again via Kies Mini software for the ‘new’ 3.2 update. Happy updating!

[via Android Central]

  • Spencer M

    So I haven’t noticed anything new with the update. Nothing looks different or seems to be running differently.

  • Sam A.

    I cannot seem to be able to get the update. Whenever I check it says “there is no update available” (Canada).
    I am really getting frustrated with Galaxy Tab.