O2 Galaxy Nexus landing page confirms November release

We were all happy to see the Samsung Galaxy Nexus finally get announced, but if there was a disappointment, it was the fact that there wasn’t any pricing or release dates revealed. We already heard from Verizon Wireless and the U.K. carriers, but only for intentions to carry the device, no pricing or dates have been officially announced.

Now O2 has put up their landing page for the Galaxy Nexus, but even though it’s one step closer to reality, we still feel empty without an actual date or price. The anticipation is killing us, but be assured that we are closer rather than later.

[via o2]

  • nory826

    O2 is a GSM carrier right? Which means they’d get the hspa+ version. So would that work with T-Mobile bands? I Hope.

  • http://sys-plus.net chocklet

    Galaxy Nexus….will be available in Toronto (Rogers)???