Steve Jobs – “No One Is Going To Buy A Big Phone”

At today’s press conference concerning the iPhone 4 reception issues Steve Jobs indirectly attacked the new group of large smart phones that have been coming onto the market calling them “Hummers” and claiming that “No one is going to buy them.”

Oddly enough Droid X which is one of the largest phones ever released is reportedly selling out around the country, even with  the large initial stock shipped out by Verizon. It is also odd that Jobs compared large phones to Hummers, as some might take this as a compliment.  In the same conference Jobs showed  videos of other phones losing coverage when held in very specific ways, prompting angry reactions from Rim and Nokia among others.

So it seems in the short run Mr. Jobs is simply wrong about “Hummer Phones” and if Droid X  sales continue at this rate he will be regretting his statement for sometime to come.

[via: Engadget]

  • Nadeem

    yeah may be we dont need hammers, but for sure we dont need a stubid phone with no antenna :D

  • Andy

    Actually, I noticed yesterday that mobile phone stores here in Melbourne seem to be pushing android more now.

    In fact, the telstra store has a huge sign running down the building saying “Android is here”, and I wasn’t the only one I saw getting off the train with a Galaxy S yesterday.

    I also know more people with Android phones than iPhones currently. It’s about time that Apple is FINALLY being caught out for mistreating their customers. Some of the BS I’ve seen coming from Apple is incredible, and I’m happy I left them ages ago (after buying a Mac Pro with a X1900, and 1 year later when everyone else was using 8800’s, there STILL wasn’t any available for MAC).

    Congratulations to Google, it looks as though Android has gone mainstream, and the next version of Android will certainly cement their position in the market

  • Andy

    Also, I find it HILARIOUS that he claims 4″ is too big. I can easily hold it with one hand, and it easily fits in my pocket.

    Sounds like he’s willing to make crap up on the spot (as Aussie policians admit doing), to market his product.

  • Dronnok

    He’s just saying nobody wants big phones is because of all the friggin’ accessories and docks that are all a predetermined size since pretty much the original iPod. Although, if he was really smart(greedy) he would make the next one a little bit bigger to milk the sheeple again for iPod/iPhone Dock size 2.0.

  • Eddie PR

    “No one want to buy a big phone” Ask to the thousand owners of the Evo, Droid ,Droid X, Galaxy. They do the IPAD to replace the netbooks, but the new phones with 4″ or 4.3′ displays are going to replace the IPAD and the netbooks.

  • Michael

    well thats funny, i bought a big phone lol HTC EVO and i find it funny once again its a phone sold out accross the country, with no hardware issues like the iphone ;)I also get compliments about my phone from Apple users as well.

  • Mark

    Well Steve, over 300k Koreans bought Galaxys the first day they were out, and the EVO, Droid X, etc… seem to be selling so fast retailers can’t keep them in stock.
    It’s just more double-talk, much like Apple’s return and dropped call numbers. People aren’t as moronic and gullible as Apple seems to think we are, and I believe this will hurt Apple far more than expected.
    As far as RIM and the others go, turnabout’s fair play. I’m happy to see their response.

  • Eric

    Just saw another clip on the news from the Apple deal yesterday

  • Eric

    Is it just me or has Jobs lost about 30lbs since the Ipad was launched? Guess the stress of everything is really taking its toll.

    • Dan Olson

      Interesting comment now that we know why…

    • acesteele

      Decomposition helps lose all that nasty water weight. Anybody check the tachometer on iCorpse’s casket today? My guess is he’s spinning at 10,000 rpm’s.

  • Howard

    I love Android and Android’s potential (I’m a happy N1 owner), I also think its literally a “lifesaver” in the industry since its the only real direct mainstream competition to the iPhone, but saying Apple abuses its customers is an exaggeration. Apple is very protectionist and close minded, and Steve Jobs seems to be rubbing alot of people the wrong way lately. They also seem to make weird statements.

    So far as I can tell, everyone who has a Droid X, Galaxy S and EVO are quite happy with the screen size. I myself am not sure if I want a larger phone, but the larger screen from a Droid X is definitely something that would be useful to me, personally.

    @Dronnok: I think you’re right, larger phones could really replace the need for full ipads, and still retain their portability.

    • Tech man

      so 4 years later you still using that crap Android?

  • Berend

    Everybody wants a Hummer…

  • Scott Posilkin

    I have been using the X for a few days and I already know I can never go back to a smaller screen

  • Theodis Smith Sr.

    I left the Iphone for the EVO 4G. One of the main reasons was the larger screen. Once you use the 4.3 inch screen it’s hard to go back. Now my iphone 3GS makes a perfect clock while its sitting in it’s dock.

  • ari-free

    He says this because he *can’t* make the iPhone’s screen larger than 3.5″. Not even 3.7″, the size of the original Droid. People who can’t attack those who can.

  • jOn Garrett

    fast forward to 2012, Samsung launches a phone with a screen larger than 5″ next month they launch their 3rd gen “Phablet” and others are now offering up their version of the Phablet.

    In fact, any phone with a screen 4″ or less is considered too small–even iPhone users are forever crying about wanting a larger screen.

    Just like he said about 7″ tablets being too small to be useful, he was wrong as we see 7″ tearing apart the iPad market share–even apple now has a 7″ offering.


  • sans

    Fast-forward to today September 9, 2014: Apple will sell a 4.7 and 5.5 inches smartphone.

    Ha, fuck you Jobs!