Google TV Gets An ETA For Honeycomb [VIDEO]

Google TV’s Director of Content, Donagh O’Malley, has announced that we should see version 2.0 for Google TV within the next month or so. It was also mentioned that the the Android Market in version 2.0 will take Google TV from 8 pre-installed apps to 1,000+ over night with 250 of them being TV oriented. You can catch the video after the break and the 2.0 talk starts at about the 57:55 mark. Google TV is one product I’d really love to see take off. Anyone currently have one and what do you think so far?

[via gnarld and phandroid]

  • Jim Farmer

    I have the 32″ Sony Google TV and I love it. As a tv, it much nicer aesthetically; solid sheet glass across the front, nice chrome minimal stand. It looks like a giant galaxy tab with it having a white back.
    As for the Google TV OS, it’s nice having the Chrome browser, but sad that sites like Hulu block it. It’s also cool that you can control it from Android phones and tablets with the accompanying app. I run pandora on it a lot, and check Twitter on it sometimes with the TV apps. Really though, right now, it’s just a bundle of potential. I’m really excited for the update. It can’t come soon enough.

  • Calem

    I agree with Jim, ” a bundle of potential”, and I have enjoyed my Logitech box since day one. Just nice to have web access and the PIP feature is cool.

    Wish the BIG TV companies werent A-holes, hopefully the update will excite some great hackers to get around them in any case!!