The Reason Apple Is Becoming A Patent Troll: Calling Out Apple “Innovation” For What It Really Is


The end of what has become a rather odd three part series is upon us. You may recall that I originally went on a very angry rant about Apple suing HTC in an attempt to remove them from the market. After going through it I posted a followup article explaining (a little more calmly) the logic I had used to justify my outburst. Rather annoyingly, I’ve always been one of those people who don’t like oddities. I like knowing why things happen. Something doesn’t smell right with Apple’s new policy of suing every company that starts with a letter; it is very un-Apple of them. So I come here before you to explain why I think Apple is quickly becoming a patent troll rather than the prestigious company that I honestly looked up to a few years ago.

What is Patent Trolling?

First, let me define what a patent troll is for those of you that are unfamiliar with the word. The first three definition on Google are:

A Patent Troll is a pejorative term used for a person or company that enforces its patents against one or more alleged infringers in a manner considered (by the party using the term) unduly aggressive or opportunistic, often with no intention to manufacture or market the patented invention.


A person, company, or entity that uses acquired patents in order to use overly aggressive legal actions in hopes of preventing competing firms from entering the market. The company will often use older patents that are nearly outdated or have generic wording in order to pursue patent infringement on ideas that are at best moderately related.

or (my personal favorite)

A company that spends more time enforcing patents than bettering their consumers.

The first one seems very “official” (and after further checking is the one used on Wikipedia), the second seems more of an economist’s idea, and the third one seems like a realist’s idea. I think all of them have their merit though.

If the shoe fits…

So now that you know what a patent troll is, how dare I claim that Apple is a patent troll? I’ll debunk the different parts of these definitions first (using the often read arguments) so you understand that while I understand what you’re saying, I still think you’re wrong.

I would like to thank three of my good friends that are die hard Apple fans for responding to the definitions in defense of Apple. Especially since they know I’ll be able to refute their claims publicly while they won’t get the same opportunity; very classy. I’ve kind of meshed up their responses and taken into account several others that I’ve read on various news sites in order to get a better understanding of the “Apple isn’t Patent Trolling” opinion in this debate.

1. “…unduly aggressive or opportunistic…”

Apple is not being overly aggressive about suing these companies. They patented some of their ideas and are preventing other companies from stealing them.

2. “…often with no intention to manufacture or market the patented invention.

Apple is using the patents that they are suing over! Touch screen interface? Hello!

3.”…use overly aggressive legal actions in hopes of preventing competing firms from entering the market.

Apple isn’t trying to prevent other companies from making phones. They just don’t want them copying iOS. Make your own software, it’s that simple.

4. “The company will often use older patents that are nearly outdated or have generic wording in order to claim infringement on ideas that are at best moderately related.

Copying the look and feel of the iPhone is hardly an outdated patent and it directly relates to Android phones. The Galaxy S II is a straight knock off of the iPhone.

5. “…spends more time enforcing patents than bettering their consumers.

Apple has worked on iOS 5, the iPhone 5, their cloud service and so many other things that this definition is poorly correlated at best. If anything, Android spends more time defending itself from Apple than coming up with new ideas [insinuating they just copy].

Alex would not let me use only part of his response to 5 (and his was by far the best) so yes, that last part has to be in there.

Yes! My turn for some list-y goodness.

1. There are two reasons that I feel Apple fits this part of the definition. First off all, seeing as Apple is suing every “major” Android manufacturer in the US right now, you have a hard case telling me that’s not overly aggressive. People don’t realize that the majority of these alleged infringements are not software related at all (so the “they’re all using Android which copied iOS” argument holds even less ground here). Apple is throwing different lawsuits at so many different companies I find it impossible to keep up. They’re suing HTC for this, Samsung for that, Motorola for this, whatever.  The sheer number of lawsuits Apple is currently pursuing makes me believe they’re not taking some calculated approach to protect their IP. Secondly, the majority of the patents in question were bought by Apple, not created by them. I know this is how the technology industry works (currently), but to claim that they are protecting their own innovations is just silly.

2. This one I agree with (however, I would point to the word “often”). Apple is using most, if not all of the patents it is calling into question currently.

3. Apple is not in the market for licensing their IP. In fact, as a company they flat out don’t. Apple is currently looking for an injunction to prevent Samsung from selling the Galaxy S II in the United States (we’ll come back to why later). That seems to fit the definition outlined in the quotes pretty well if you ask me. They will probably look to do the same thing with HTC.

4. I won’t argue that the Galaxy S II bears a heavy resemblance to Apple’s golden child, but it doesn’t address the matter at hand: Some of the patents Apple is suing over are absolutely ridiculous. A simplified overview of some of my favorites are: using a gesture to unlock the phone, being able to select/distinguish phone numbers in text, the 4×4 icon layout that makes up the iPhone’s home screen, the ability to use the term “App Store” (yes, the last one is technically a trademark, but it still holds relevance). Apple has so many generic patents (how they were ever awarded them is beyond me) that it would be damn near impossible for anyone else to be able to enter the market with their own OS. The only reason Apple isn’t suing Microsoft is because they aren’t a threat (but that is for later…shh) and Microsoft has a large enough IP Portfolio that it would crush Apple in the ensuing counter suit. Yes, Windows Phone 7 infringes on half of the lawsuits (if not more) that Apple is suing various Android companies for. Where’s that lawsuit?

5. While I’m sure that Apple is putting plenty of time and money into creating new things, I don’t think you would have to exaggerate it too much to see a sudden drop off of “new ideas” from Apple while they’re legal office has suddenly increased output ten fold. iOS 5 brought absolutely nothing new to the table. I’m sorry, but it didn’t. It may have improved on various implications of other operating systems, but Apple did not bring anything to the table the world hadn’t already seen. Again, I’m sure that the time it took to code and implement Android’s notification system on iOS was greater than what the lawyers are clocking in now, but the ideology definitely seems fair.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”

So why is Apple suddenly becoming a patent troll? To be quite honest, I think it is fear. For those of you that don’t know, the iPhone is Apple’s biggest source of income; and not just by a marginal value. This graph (thanks Ars Technica) shows you just how important the iPhone is to Apple.

Clearly Apple has a lot invested in their iPhone. When half of your company’s revenue is based on one device you bet your bottom dollar that company will scratch and claw when that ship appears to be sinking. Apple isn’t known for Patent Trolling; they’ve never needed to be. They still made ridiculous profits selling their computers to only 10%-15% of the market in 90’s. However, once the iPhone rose to the top of market (technically the iPhone has never been ahead of #2, but RIM doesn’t count for the sake of this argument) Apple realized that smartphones were the way of the future. They’ve clearly adjusted their business model to making a lot of money off of the iPhone. However, now that the iPhone looks to be losing market share to Android, Apple suddenly found a lot of problems with Google’s mobile platform. Apple now clings to their title of largest smartphone manufacturer, largest single selling phone, and most revenue like a child to a toy he knows his parents are about to take away. The latter of those three will probably always reside with Apple, but those first two are starting to make several stock investors squirm.

Now, look at this graph. Notice the one company that has shown the most growth in the past year. Now guess who Apple started these lawsuits with/is attacking the strongest. The answer to both of those? Samsung. Apple is scared of Samsung and for good reason. Samsung’s growth this past year has been ridiculous. On top of that, many analysts think the Galaxy S II may sell better internationally than the iPhone. Yes, one Android phone could outsell the iPhone (who hear remembers the “it takes 10 Android phones to outsell 1 iPhone” baseless argument?). Do you know how many Apple fanboys that statement keeps up at night? Just look at some of the news articles that published some of those analysts’ opinions (yes, there were multiple). The comments are the most deliriously insane things I’ve ever read.  Why? We all know it could happen. In a month, the Galaxy S II has sold 5 million units. Not super impressive considering the iPhone’s sales, but close enough to still to make Apple worry. Even better: The Galaxy S II had not been released in the two largest markets either. The S II was just (as in this week) released in China, the worlds largest market, and is still yet to be released in the US where the anticipation is similar to an iPhone release. Do I expect the S II to best the iPhone 4 (and possibly 5?). No. Would I be surprised if it did? Not particularly. But the fact that it is even coming close is making Apple sweat. That’s only one company. HTC Android sales haven’t been as successful as Samsung, but have are growing at rates that far surpass what most people expected. Add in several more and Apple has justification to check the closet for the Android monster before it gets tucked in.

All of this falls on a single question: If Apple felt that so many Android devices infringed on its patents, why didn’t they enforce them earlier? This is the reason why I now believe Apple is trolling. Back when they were able to mock Android sales, its market share, or even its app/developer support they didn’t care what it did. The iPhone was still the king. But in typical Apple fashion (which, depending on how you view things could be good or bad), Apple decided it would ride on its tried and true formula. iOS 4 didn’t bring too much innovation to iOS. iOS 5 brought even less. All of that time Apple spent mocking its opponent for being smaller while its opponent spent time getting bigger. It reminds me of my track days; you never could get too comfortable with your spot on top because someone was always gunning for that varsity spot. While Apple rolled in money, Google (and their manufacturers) spent time improving Android and the overall experience.

As Apple finally listened to users and added the ability to change your background, Android added 4G possibilities.

As Apple made their device a millimeter slimmer, Android brought us 4.0″+ screens.

As Apple finally listened to people and added a better notification system, Android added a dual screen device.

As Apple finally allowed users to pull the plug on iTunes, Android brought about dual core devices.

As Apple finally added native Twitter integration, Android continued to solidify native multiple app (including Twitter) integration.

Apple fell behind on innovation, and now it is trying to use lawsuits to catch itself back up. The fact of the matter is Apple brought this smartphone race to the world. The iPhone is still the device that I consider the most innovative of its (if not all) time. Android wouldn’t be here as it is without it. However, Apple stopped after that. Rather than being like Android and trying new and different things they focused on improving things that shouldn’t have taken years to fix. Will I ever want a dual screen phone? Probably not. But at least someone tried it. I would much rather be disappointing sitting in keynote hearing about some radical, innovative, new device that doesn’t appeal to my personal interest than be told that while that happened, my company spent the past year figuring out a way to let users change their background. The fact that people stood up and applauded when Steve Jobs announced the ability to take pictures by using the volume button in iOS 5 baffles me. If any other company reported that as a main feature it has worked on for the past year they’d be laughed at. Honestly, that would be lucky to make the presentation of an Android or WP7 keynote at all, let alone be a major point. And cropping photos? Again, a cool feature to be sure, but that is something that is added in the “oh yeah, there are couple of small improvements” category, not the “these will totally redefine your experience” one.

Apple has a way of refining things that no other company can even come close to replicating. Unfortunately, that means their fan base takes everything they say like it is the end all be all. Maybe other companies need to innovate more to be able to compete with Apple’s notoriously dedicated following? Whether that be true or not, I wish Apple would leave the other companies alone. I don’t care that your most dedicated followers will believe you if you tell them that making your device a hair-width thinner will change how they experience technology. I don’t care that you can rip off an entire notification system and convince your followers that it’s “innovative.” And frankly, I don’t care what the next iPhone looks like. I do care that you’re trying to prevent other companies from trying new things since you don’t seem to like to. It’s not the Apple way to try something completely new that may or may not fail. Apple will only release something they know will work. But that doesn’t mean that every other company should have to abide by the same ideals.

I want Android to push the envelope.

Not follow the trends and make it nicer.

About the Author: Andrew Greenfield

Andrew Greenfield was born and raised in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. He is currently attending THE Ohio State University where he is majoring in Honors Industrial & Systems Engineering. He was allowed to pick a smartphone for college and has been surgically attached to his Evo ever since. When not playing around with his phone, Andrew enjoys playing frisbee, football, soccer, Super Smash Bros, fixing the technology for the technologically impaired, and making fun of M*chigan fans.

  •šeckas/1802491461 Arvydas Grušeckas

    Your Android shit is patent breaker. It is not inovative, it just copied everyone. And it still looks like shit

  • Chris

    I agree 100% apple needs to keep innovating and not stay stagnate like rim did. Don’t go sueing others for weak patents because you are quickly losing market share. So the new iphone will be dual core. Big deal android has had that for a year what is apple going to try and say they invented the dual core next? And all the apple fanboys will never admit apple is falling behind because to them the iphone is god. Maybe throw in sd card support then try and sue android for that too.

  • TheGreatDudeO

    This is one of the best rants ever. I think the growth of Apple’s fan base is due to the way it delivers their new products. Apple polishes up things really well and makes sure that whatever goes out to the consumers would convince them that their next product should also be from Apple. Android and the other OEMs however are really bad at this. They boast about things that consumers do not really bother, for example, the massive RAMs and the pixels on screens. This is an aspect which I feel, Google and Android manufacturers should focus more on.

    Once again, I would like to clarify my stand. I do not condone Apple’s actions and despise them for using patents to hinder the innovation of their competitors and potentially, the rest of the tech industry.

  • marcosrg3003

    Excelent point of view!

    Things looks just fine now. Imagine in 1-3 years.
    It will be just like Microsoft x Apple in de Desktop war. Microsoft with 94% and Apple with just 5%.

    Android will rule the world!!!!!!

  • CompuTechX

    I find it kinda funny that apple is suing over all these patents claiming they are protecting their IP when they have stolen ideas from the developers and then forced those developers to remove the feature from their app.
    The volume button to take pictures is one of them.

  • Andrew Greenfield

    Sounds like it’s not just Apple that is jealous of Android’s success.

  • LG

    This article is ridiculous. Of course apple is suing all the android manufacturers, they’re all possibly infringing on their IP. As for how this didn’t happen earlier, since when do courtrooms move instantly? Legislation takes time.

    Stop pretending apple is the one not innovating. They released the first touch screen phone en masse, they developed the first OS to be used solely with your finger. They started all this with iPods and scroll wheels 10 years ago. Look how far phones have come in just 10 years, and all of this is because of apple.

    Stop pretending that android copying apple is providing consumers with choice. It’s not. Folex

    • Andrew Greenfield

      I’m not saying courts move instantly. In fact, a lot of these cases won’t be settled for years. However, Apple did not sue these companies (which yes, is reported instantly) until now.
      And thanks for reading /sarcasm. I explained how Apple was innovative with the first iPhone. Explain to me what else they’ve done since then?

  • LG

    Ughhh, your webpage sucks. how can i not edit my post??

    Anyway, Folex’s dint improve cystomer choice, they’re cheap knock offs of good products. Android is a cheap knock-off, WebOS is an example of choice. When google wants to innovate and not just make knock-offs, then you’d have a point. Apple suing the manufacturers will hopefully force google to actually compete and not be the jerk in the back of the classroom that copies your work.

  • Josh

    Interesting that you at the end list apple vs android innovations on a timeline. Those were all hardware innovations and none brought by android. Yet you give android the credit. You should have listed the hardware manufactures not android. That was a very flawed and misleading list giving credit to google where none belonged.

  • Joe

    @LG, did you actually take the time to read the article? From your first post, it appears that you didn’t. How disgusting that you would respond to an article that you didn’t actually read. And I don’t care what you think about Apple’s innovation, Steve Jobs himself is quoted as saying something along the lines of “why innovate when you can copy” back in the 90s. ALL companies do it on some level. Just because Google’s OS is infringing on some patents does not make it a copy of iOS or “a jerk in the back of the classroom [who doesn’t compete] that copies your work.” I personally *hate* iOS. It’s designed for people who don’t know a damn thing about technology. As a power user, Android is more for me. I can do whatever I want with it, out of the box.

  • Dominick

    surprising coming from an android blog. most apple related posts on android blogs (and vice versa) are baseless, obsessive, fallacy-ridden crap. This is cogent, well reasoned and fair. And I agree 100%, but as usual many of the comments have degenerated something I gotten from randomly swyping my thumb on my phone.
    Sent from my MB860.

  • Bren

    LG- The HTC Touch running Windows Mobile 6 (which was a touch based OS) was released more than a month b4 the iPhone…..nice try fanboy.

  • Scuzzbag

    100% agree with this article.well written

  • Halopend

    Given that I’m typing this on an iPhone right now and only appeared on this site since I’m thinking of getting a galaxy s II, I think your definitely right that Apple’s worried. They’ve been bullying everyone from publishers, developers and end users with their tightly controlled platform and I think everyone’s just getting fed up.

    I remember feeling particularly disgusted when everyone clapped at the volume button based camera shutter given that Apple forced camera+ to remove that exact feature, will most likely never allow them to reimplement it and now provide a convient shortcut to their own camera app from the homescreen which will never be made able to point to a third party camera app instead. Same thing with opening links in a web browser, everything defaults to safari which is soo crippled it can’t even download/upload.

  • James Woodley

    Very well presented.
    Push the envelope Andy!

  • Wayne Morrison

    @LG do you actually believe that Apple was the first to offer a touch screen phone? The first iPhone upped the game, I’ll give it that, but there were touch screen phones before it, and there were touch screen phones with a button centered below it before the iphone. Anyone remember when the iphone couldn’t send or receive mms messages but the razor could? Apple used to innovate but iOS 5=android+blackberry+ webos+ palmos+wp7…”innovation” has now become taking your competitors ideas rolling them into a single device and then selling them as your own.

  • marcosrg3003

    @LG and all other Apple Fanbitch3es… Apple can’t win with competition. That’s why they are sueing everybody.
    FEAR, Apple! Fear!

  • http://none Mark

    Years before Iphone came out I had a Dell Axim X50 (I think) 400mhz Windows OS and it was a palm/handheld computer (not by palm). it used SD cards, was multitasking. Had full touchscreen (w/Stylus) and it still works great today. How can all these apple people claim that the Iphone was actually something new? Its just two devices that finally were combined.

  • chris

    Because they only listen to what steve jobs says. The funny thing is if they did a little research they would see samsung had a full touch screen they announced months before the original iphone and the iphone looked just like it yet they would never admit that apple copied samsung since apple is god and whatever Steve Jobs says is the gospel.

  • papsie

    Ha. A whole thread of Apple fanboys that clearly haven’t used a droid phone in last year, if ever. There is a reason the S2 is selling like hotcakes, and it’s due to what it does better than your iPhone, not what it does the same.

  • Zenstrive

    Look at the amount of astroturfing here from Apple “fans”

    Apple never innovate, they just polish existing ideas.

    iPhone? Stolen from LG, HTC, etc.

    iPad? Stolen from then existing windows and android based tablet system.

    Mac? Stolen from PC.

    HDR? Stolen from..well, HDR everywhere else.

    When they do try to “innovate”, it ends up disastrous. Like Final Cut Pro X and OS X Lion.

    And Patent Troll is their new polished thing.

  • qaspok

    Some of these comments from you apple defenders are just… wow… I don’t understand how someone can build such worship of a technology company. I think its pretty clear that apple’s closed, closely controlled business model ultimately will fall to companies that open up their products with standardization and collaboration. Ultimately apple cannot out out-innovate every other tech company forever, and people will leave the walled garden for the rest of the world. iphone will always be a small segment of the market, just as apple computers is.

  • Jarib

    Iphone is a ripoff of LG Prada. Check it on wikipedia. They were even thinking of suing Apple. it’s maybe why Apple is not suing LG for using Android

  • Aaron

    Not only did the iPhone rip off LG Prada, the name ‘iPhone’ was stolen from Cisco, and then Apple brow beat them (er, gave them some cash) into letting them use it for their product.

    Another huge patent troll is Specialized Bicycles, who also buy most of their patents, then use heavy litigation against anyone who comes close to stepping on them.

  • glock_sa

    Agree with this article 100%. Fanboy stupidity doesn’t surprise me afterall iPhone users have lower IQ. Proof of this is fanboys going into a phone shop arguing with the phone salesman. “But its an iPhone” you often hear from the braindead drones. The expression on the salemans faces as they look at each other is priceless.

    Salesman “you say that like its supposed to mean something ” haha. Apple has no innovation and NO chance in hell of keeping up with SGS2 nevermind Android as a whole. SgS2 slaughters that ancient iBrick4 and iPhone 5 will be playing catch up. Then first quarter next year boom SGS3 bye bye Apple marketshare.

  • geekben

    “It’s not the Apple way to try something completely new that may or may not fail”

    umm… the iPad? and plenty of people laughed at the name when it was released.

  • Side Saddle JimBob

    The things that allowed the iPad to get off the ground were already in place… Their ecosystem and the zealot followers. All Apple needed was to convince the braindead masses it was a sure thing. It was a gamble and Apple succeded easily. Now they just got to keep those fickle minded, brain dead masses in their garden. But for how long? The grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side of the garden.

    AndroidOS is everywhere, in your pocket, in your house and in your car… iOS will never proliferate beyond the iToys as long as Jobs is alive, making sure iOS is never licenced. It’s 1997 all over again, but with a BANG!

  • ChumbleSpuzz

    Nice article! The fanboy reactions made me laugh.

    The level of cognitive dissonance required to maintain their viewpoint must be enormous! No wonder they lash out with incomprehensible rhetoric. Rhetoric, certainly not facts, is all they have to hold on to lately. And they wonder why people consider apple a cult.

    @glock_sa, at least cite your quotes :) (your post reminded me of this)

  • yudi

    LG, what a funny statement. Have u ever use Windows Mobile? its use touch screen… long ago before Steve Jobs thinking about Iphone.
    I agree that most of Apple fan boys have a lower IQ, as stated by Steve himself in his book Inside Steve jobs head, “most of people are dummy, that is why I make a gadget that even a dumber can use it”.

  • The Great DudeO

    Seriously, this is the worst place to show off your fanboy stupidity and ignorance. Do you actually think that Apple thought of everything in the iphone without inspirations from existing technology?

  • Custom Colonel

    LOL @ people implying the HTC Touch is relevant…no one is saying Apple invented the touchscreen phone. But they pushed it to the mainstream and everyone else is trying to beat them. That’s why 4G phones with dual core processors, bigger screens, more memory and all around better features are still being called “iPhone killer?” (question mark included).

    Shouldn’t a phone with all those features automatically kill the iPhone 4, an over a year old phone? Yet the iPhone4 is the top seller at both Verizon and at&t, and outsells all 4G phones combined…

    HTC Touch…seriously? bwahah

  • Custom Colonel

    @Side Saddle Jim Bob, so all Apple had to do with the iPad was convince the brain dead masses? Awesome, so they must have convinced the brain dead Android masses too, since everyone and there mother is coming out with tablets, which are laughable compared to the iPhone

  • john smith

    If iphone is so good why are there so many jailbroken iphones? I will tell you why, users want to be able to customize, and not use the nasty itunes. Yes fell in the apple hipe, but not a fanboy. As soon as grew up, I went to android for the choice of music player I choose and have the ability to control it in the lock screen. I am not sure if you can do this is ios5 or not but don’t really care.

  • Scotty

    You androids are so full of it, go on with your lies, you are aware this site is seen a joke for others to see how far the Fandroid community will lie and try to stir up the other user base.

    Even more funny is that Apple invented the first Mass Production PC, even before IBM came out with theirs and you have some idiot on here saying Apple stole it.

    It’s funny how brain dead blind hate for someone or something can make a whole bunch of bloggers turn into idiots, even when proof of fact is right in front of their faces.

    Listen up kids, You can try to rewrite facts and history, but when proof is in front of your faces and you still can’t see the truth your just a fanboy.

    Apples been around for 30 plus years with innovations, Googles been around for 10 years at the most and has stolen from Apple and Sun as well as others to try to leap into the game, problem is they are losing the war, When you steal others IP, you will lose out.

    It can be seen now, Android is NO LONGER FREE, and with each court case lost it will die within the next year due to all the litigation and stolen IP that has been found.

    Don’t forget now that the EU HAS 9 (nine) cases against Google and android as of today, Google has been found to have stolen more then it has ever made, they haven’t innovated at all, they stole.

    That’s the truth kids.

  • Andrew Greenfield

    I’m impressed that you were able to draw out random crap with next to no facts for that long. You should become a lawyer, they love people who can BS as well as you do.

  • Adam Brace

    “As Apple finally listened to users and added the ability to change your background, Android added 4G possibilities.”

    “As Apple finally allowed users to pull the plug on iTunes, Android brought about dual core devices.”

    “As Apple made their device a millimeter slimmer, Android brought us 4.0″+ screens.”

    These statements make this article so stupid. Android didn’t do these things the phone manufacturers did.

  • Bailey

    Ok as an Android user and a person that just likes tech. I would like to and my 2p worth (yes i am British) Apple comes out with the ipad 2 thin light and one could say pretty, while in the background and way before the ipad 2 Samsung are working on their Honeycombe tablet. The ipad 2 has its lauch people from Samsung see it and what has be quoted quite often go crap we have to make ours lighter and thinner. The Samsung tablet comes out and so far no Android tablet has been able to beat in sales the ipad. The samsung tablet is the same size just a hair thinner and light and if you put it in the case people would be hard pressed to see the difference without turning it if it is an ipad 2 or not. Apple take samsung to court because they have had enough of the way that they keep copying them Samsung tab 10.1 in question. Of course in Android websites that called patient trolling (no, i dont own the ipad 2 or want to)sorry but is it really if friends look at the Samsung 10.1 when the screen is off and i am not the only one that keeps saying loads of tech sights do and they cant really tell the difference between that and an ipad 2 they have a right to take them to court.

  • Bailey

    I hate to say it because i dont want an iphone but Apple have proven that one closed way works. 20 million iphones in the quarter speaks volumes yes it you combine all the Android phone makers together that is nothing. But basically they are making money on the 3GS and iphone 4 thats 2 phones really. they really dont have to care that somebody would want wallpaper.

    I know that i will get shot down in flames here because everyone hates Apple. But what they have is not only sales but also mind share you cant buy that no matter how much you try. Everywhere in the western world people have heard of Apple. Android is on everything and you cant move for the share volume but if you buy a Samsung S2 today good luck next year because Samsung wont really care their on to quad core by then (as if the general public care)

    I await my first sighting of people in a que for 8 hours holding out for an Android handset.

    Yes as you not i am not precious about my operating system i like it but i am well aware that Google really needs to work on.



  • Janus

    Apple is killing innovation indeed. No more apples for me.

    • 9121977

      U lost ur brain….

      • Akuma

        you never had one in the first place

  • 9121977

    Half baked and over simplified commentary of an android fanboy….no thanks….

    • dontfeedtheapple

      Awww… Apple eater FanBoi lost his nipple. Here ya go….  (num num num num)

      … It’s not Steve Jobs nipple, or even mine for that matter…  but I knew you needed something to suck on being an Apple Fan, so I unzipped my pants for you.


    • Neil Newby

      says the iFanboy

  • Fsdafds

    The problem with Apple is that they almost NEVER invent stuff themselves. They buy technology others have invented, and then they patent it to prevent other to make similar stuff. They didn’t invent touch interface, slide to lock or ANY of the telecom tech inside their phone. They don’t really make their own A4/A5 CPUs. They are 95% an ARM core with a few bits added. It is made by Samsung. Their memory is made by Samsung. Their “retina” screen is made by LG. Their aluminium housing is made by a chinese company, polluting the environment. They was even shut down in China !!! for pollution. The phone is assembled in China by Foxconn by people forced to live at the factory and sleep in 12-16 bed dorms. They don’t follow any of the environmental laws like Nokia does. They claim they are concerned about the environment, but they are the worst “western” brand of all.
    Even Samsung manufacture their own CPUs in America. Samsung is more American then Apple.

    Start to use those billions of dollars to invent groundbreaking core science research. 

  • Gauthis

    Apple fans are brainwashed with the idea that they are buying the best of the best.. lots of Idisciples are deceived of their phone, but will never admit it publicly, they are ashamed of paying higher than others, and receiving less from the device. A lot of Apple long time buyers are switching to SGS2 or so.. I myself liked the company in the past, but they stained their own name.

  • Name

    It is a shame Apple spends no time on research anymore. I’ve seen BlackBerry OS 10. It is 1000 times more inovative than iOS 6. Wake up Apple…at this rate you will go bankrupt in 3-4 years.

    P.S. i hope the leaked designes/images of the new iPhone are fake because there’s no inovation in design as well. Ivy WHAT ARE YOU DOING ?!

  • Angel Divera

    Very true and very nice article. Apple has become the biggest trollala of all instead of whining they should innovate. Thanks to them Samsung has bigger name now to those who haven’t heard. They help SamSung become what they are now because of the publicity.

  • Bob MacNeil

    if you’re using my patent troll artwork could you at least credit me for it… Bob MacNeil thanks