See What’s New On Netflix With The Netflix New Releases Free App

Want to know what’s new on Netflix?  Now it’s easier than ever thanks to developer Shrapnel.  Just whip out your awesome Android smartphone and download the Netflix New Releases Free application.  The app is a comprehensive list of all the new releases Netflix pours out both on their DVD releases and their Instant Watch section.  With a great UI and smooth navigation, never be out of the loop with what’s now available to stream on everyone’s favorite streaming service.  Hit the break for a full list of features from the developer and to check out some screen shots.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think of it in the comments below.  


– Widget
– Automatically updates (can change update frequency in settings)
– Themes
– Favorites list of movies/show
– Link to particular movie/show directly to the Netflix website
– Unread list
– Option to mark all as read and Hide read
– Notifications when new unread content is available
– Backup options also available
– More to come!

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  • Android News @ Android New

    Netflix has got some nice features amazing, I am loving it :)

  • jim

    nice tip on this app, thx!