Want To Win 1 of 10 Evo 3D’s From Sprint? Enter The “Be a 3D Star Sweepstakes”

Sprint is offering some 3D goodies for those of you who have them as a carrier.  They’ve just announced that they will be giving away 32 HTC Evo 3D devices beginning June 13th.  All you have to do is enter their “Be a 3D Star” Sweepstakes and you’re one step closer from owning the 3D monster device of 2011.  It appears though, that only Sprint Premier customers are eligible to win 1 of 10 devices along with “a bag of sweet EVO swag”.  It looks like Sprint is giving away 10 devices now up until June 12th for premier customers and possibly the remaining 22 devices to the rest of their customer base on June 13th.  We’re not 100% on that but we’ll definitely find out for you.

On June 13th, entry into the sweepstakes is available for all and if chosen, your shot could end up on a few scenes in the movie dubbed “Present Tense”.  So send in some good shots!  You’re allowed to enter one entry per phone number each day.  Check out the teaser below after the break as well as the sign up link and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments.  

Sprint 3D Be A Star Sweepstakes

[via androidcentral]

About the Author: Axl Logan

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  • Meka b

    I really want this I need a new phone my LG optimus s is really messing up

  • Jeremy Harrison

    Hope I win…this would be a great birthday gift for me monday!!!!

  • Shawntizzle

    I want this phone so bad, Ive been obsessing over it for the last two months.. I’m not winning any of these contests cause my life sucks and i have a Samsung intercept which sprint doesn’t even make anymore because its a horrible phone. If anyone has a heart can u please let me know where i could get one for cheap cause i’m not even due for an upgrade :( So sad i can’t afford one.

  • Jerrel Jones

    I want this phone because it’s time for an upgrade and I don’t have the funds to pay for it. This phone would help me from the school-house to my house. I have a sprint phone and I have been with sprint all my life. I have had a Samsung Rant, Samsung Exclaim, and now i have a Sanyo Zio. Sprint has the BEST coverage in the entire world. I really want this phone because I would want to gloat to all my friends that either have iPhones or Evos. This would be the best phone ever. So this would be a huge surprise for me if I could win.